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Designing a simple 3 column grid with Monster Framework

Now we are creating a simple 3 col grid to see how easy it is.

We have followed the below steps to create a simple 3 column grid:

Free design grid

For quick, easy layouts, use the grid to set consistent padding and margin on all your elements (top, bottom, left, right, horizontal, vertical, all). By default, there are 3 levels of padding/margin you can apply (or none). Simple Grids in Essbase In Essbase (starting with the release) or Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase and Oracle Smart View for Office, free-form behavior is such that the POV members are placed on the first row of an Excel sheet. Column and row dimension members are placed on the grid starting after the POV row rows. The Bootstrap grid system has four classes: xs (for phones - screens less than 768px wide); sm (for tablets - screens equal to or greater than 768px wide); md (for small laptops - screens equal to or greater than 992px wide); lg (for laptops and desktops - screens equal to or greater than 1200px wide); The classes above can be combined to create more dynamic and flexible layouts. Aug 14, 2014 Defines a grid template by referencing the names of the grid areas which are specified with the grid-area property. Repeating the name of a grid area causes the content to span those cells. A period signifies an empty cell. The syntax itself provides a visualization of the structure of the grid.

  1. First we have added a section to the page, then added a div. We can’t add grid to the section. We need to add grid to divs only.

  2. We added the class grid to initiate the grid.

  3. grid-cols-3 to make the grid 3 columns.

  4. gap-8 to add 32px gap between grid elements.

  5. rounded class to add border radius.

  6. Added a div inside the grid container. And added some text, padding and alternative background color.

That’s it. We have created a simple 3 column grid which maintains the perfect gap.

You can see the code by clicking the blue rectangular Show Editor View button above, and also edit the example in the code editor directly.


Simple Grid

Simple Grid Drawing


For the minimum setup, ReactDataGrid requires the following props

Simple Griddle Recipes

columnsArrayAn array of object that have a key and name property
rowsCountNumberThe number of rows to be rendered
rowGetterFunctionA function called for each rendered row that should return a plain key/value pair object

Simple Grid Pictures

The value of each rendered cell will be determined by the value of each row's property whose name matches the key name of a column.

Below is a grid which renders three rows and three columns. You can seethe code by clicking the blue rectangular Show Editor View button, and even edit the example in the code editor directly.