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Feb 12, 2021 The primary specialty district in Civ 6 that will help a focus on religion is the Holy Site, and you’ll need to have researched the Ancient Era technology Astrology in order to build a Holy Site. Where you choose to build a Holy Site is pretty much up to you, but you’ll want to keep an eye on the adjacency bonus Faith specific locations. Then chop out 4-6 horsemen and conquer your closest neighbor. Unless you are very unlucky you should be able to conquer a neighbor before he reaches walls or crossbows and if you are using a civ like Mongolia, Scythia this is even deadlier. From there either keep conquering, if your next target does not have walls yet of wait for coursers.

Simón Bolívar
Simón Bolívar
AgendaPatria Grande
AbilityIndependence of a Continent
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Simón Bolívar is a modded alternate leader in Civilization VI, created by Leugi. He leads the Colombian civilization.


Simón José Antonio de la Santísma Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios was born on July 24, 1783 in Caracas, New Granada (now Venezuela). Bolívar was born into a prosperous family who took their money from rich gold and copper mines they owned in Venezuela. Young Bolívar moved to Spain in 1799 after the deaths of his parents. In Spain, he continued his education, begun in Venezuela with tutors, and married María Teresa Rodríguez del Toro y Alaysa in 1802. When the young couple returned to Venezuela to visit in 1803, however, María Teresa sickened and died of yellow fever.

After her death, Bólivar returned to Europe and kept company with Napoleon. Bolívar returned to Venezuela in 1807. When Napoleon named Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain and its colonies, which included Venezuela, Bolívar joined the resistance movement. The resistance group based in Caracas gained independence in 1810, and Bolívar traveled to Britain on a diplomatic mission. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela and most of South American continued on back home

Gaining support from Haiti, Bolívar returned to his home continent and became involved in a number of military battles, eventually able to claim several territories. 1821 saw the creation of the Gran Colombia, under Bolívar's leadership. This federation included much of what is now Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador. Further maneuvers saw him named Dictator of Peru in 1824, followed by the creation of Bolivia in 1825.

Bolívar had succeeded in uniting much of South America in a federation free from Spanish control, but the government was fragile. Despite his desire to create a union of states similar to that which created the United States of America, Bolívar faced opposition from internal factions throughout the huge Gran Colombia, with there being a push to form single nations. As a temporary measure, Bolívar declared himself dictator in 1828, though in September of the same year he escaped an assassination attempt with aid from his mistress and fellow revolutionary Manuela Sáenz. He resigned this post in 1830 and made plans to sail for exile in Europe. On December 17, 1830, however, Simón Bolívar died in Santa Marta, Colombia, after a battle with what may have been tuberculosis.

Dawn of Man

The people of South America look up to you, great Libertador Simón Bolivar. For a long time the criollos of these lands have been oppressed by the Spanish Crown; the time has come to lead them to their independence. With the strength of the Libertadores and the might of the Voltigeros you will lead the charge against the colonial power. Gather allies from the local towns and enrich your revolution with their beautiful culture and riches. Because you are the man that can stand against an empire and form the Patria Grande!

Leader Ability

Independence of a ContinentGain access to the Libertador Great Person. Receive Template:Great People Libertador Points from defeating Enemy Units and each turn from City-States you are the Suzerain of. The amount is doubled during Liberation Wars.
50pxLibertadorUnique Great Person that can be attained by playing as Simon Bolivar. Each Libertador has a unique Patriotic Action effect, and a Passive Effect for nearby units that grants them additional movement and allows them to move after attacking.

Leader Agenda

JusticialismoWill not hesitate to declare Liberation and Protectorate Wars. Likes civilizations from his home continent and civilizations that declare Liberation Wars. Dislikes civilizations that attack his home continent and civilizations that declare Colonial Wars.


He who serves a revolution ploughs a sea.

Mod Support

Mod NameHas Support
Rule with FaithYes


Leugi - Author.

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Gran Colombia is one of the first two new Civilizations added to Civ 6 as part of the New Frontier pass. Entirely new to the Civ series, Gran Colombia's leader is Simón Bolívar, who brings some useful new units and bonuses to the game.

Simon Bolivar Civ 6

Here on this page we'll be detailing all the essential info about Simón Bolívar and his Gran Colombian civilization, including all of the unique units, buildings, and bonuses he brings. For more like this, it's worth taking a look at our guide to Maya and Lady Six Sky, who was introduced at the same time.

Civ 6 Gran Colombia: Simón Bolívar's bonuses, unique units and buildings explained

Simón Bolívar is an entirely military-focused leader of Gran Columbia. Here's a rundown of the key info about his new Civ before we get into some playstyle tips below.

Simón Bolívar Unique Ability: Campaña Admirable

  • Earn a Commandante Generale, a unique Great General unit, every the game enters a new era.
Simon Bolivar Civ 6

Gran Colombia Unique Ability: Ejército Patriota

  • +1 Movement to all units.
  • Promoting a unit does not end that units turn.

Gran Colombia Unique Unit: Commandante Generale

Comandante General Civ 6

  • A special type of Great Person unique to Bolívar.
  • Each has a unique ability, as well as a passive and a retire ability.

Gran Colombia Unique Unit: Llanero

  • Industrial Era unique unit the replaces the Cavalry unit, with low maintenance cost.
  • +4 Combat Strength for every adjacent Llanero.
  • If a Commandante Generale activates its retire ability within range, the Llanero fully heals.

Gran Colombia Unique Building: Hacienda

  • Unique building constructed by builder unit, can only be built on Plains, Plains Hills, Grassland, and Grassland Hills.
  • Provides +2 Gold, +1 Production and +1 Housing.
  • +1 Food for every two adjacent Plantations. Replacement Parts increases this to +1 Food for every one adjacent Plantation.
  • +1 Production for every two adjacent Haciendas. Rapid Deployment increases this to +1 Production for every one adjacent Hacienda.

Tips for playing as Gran Colombia with Simón Bolívar in Civ 6

Simón Bolívar's Gran Colombia civilization is centred entirely around military success, with the support of the additional resources gained by his unique Haciendas.

Open, grassy areas are what you should be looking for, allowing you to stack up a number of Haciendas either next to each other or any Plantations you can make nearby.

Early on, you should look to rush the Irrigation technology to unlock Plantations. Get as many Haciendas and Plantations up and running as you can, and then focus on building a strong, Cavalry-heavy military.

Tactically, you want to make the most of Simón Bolívar's various adjacency bonuses. Get a nice horde of Llaneros up and running as soon as you can, and keep a Commandante Generale nearby. Together they should be very hard to kill, especially as your Generale can retire to fully heal all of the nearby Llaneros if you get caught out.

Simon Bolivar Civ 6 Wiki

Simon Bolivar Civ 6

Simon Bolivar Civ 6 Full

Keeping your cavalry alive for as long as possible should be the backbone of your strategy. Stacking their adjacency bonuses alongside the fact that they can get the free heal from a Promotion without sacrificing an action, and maybe a rush for the Oligarchy policy (more detail in our Civ 6 Governments and Policies list) to make the most of the extra experience, should make for a proper rolling cavalry frontline that's very hard to stop on your way to Domination Victory!