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This roundup article will give you a list of the best free Shopify templates which you can use to build awesome eCommerce online stores. Did you know that you can easily build your online store with Shopify’s ecommerce software?

Shopify’s core features include the ability to manage products, inventory, customers, orders, discounts and more! You can easily manage your online store with no help needed and no coding skills required. With an available free 14 day trial (no credit card required), Shopify is a no-brainer for anyone looking to start an online business.

To make things easier for you, we selected 21 best free Shopify templates for awesome online shops. These eCommerce themes can be used for various types of online stores, from fashion, electronics, beauty products, outdoor products, fitness websites, furniture, accessories, music shops and more! Customize these free Shopify templates as you please in order to make them fit your brand’s design.

1. Narrative – Warm Shopify Theme

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  2. Templates PageFly is the optimal solution for Shopify merchants who want to make fully customizable e-commerce stores. One of the unique selling points of the PageFly app is it’s selection of templates. Choose from over 70+ Shopify page templates designed.
  3. Shopify’s free privacy policy generator tool was developed and reviewed by legal experts. It includes the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to help make sure your business complies with the law and builds customer trust.

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Narrative – Warm is a responsive Shopify theme that looks perfect on desktop and mobile devices. Some of its features include a hero video, a navigation that magically appears when your visitors scroll up the page, a vertical slideshow, and a high resolution, wide view layout. This free Shopify template is perfect for online stores that want to sell fewer, high quality, possibly boutique items with large photography that can sufficiently showcase each product.

2. Narrative – Light Free Shopify Template

Narrative – Light is a free Shopify theme that, similar to its cousin Narrative – Warm, is best suited for high-end products. It has all the same features as its predecessor, but also features a light, minimal design with very large photography.

3. Narrative – Cold Free Shopify Template

Narrative – Cold is a Shopify template that won’t cost you any money. It features a “cold” design with a darker color palette. The demo website showcases an online store selling bicycles, but you can use this theme for other products of your choice.

4. Debut – Default Free Shopify Theme

Debut – Default free eCommerce template makes great use of a hero image that’s featured prominently on the home page. Some additional features include customer testimonials, ability to filter products, video slideshow that allows you to tell your story through video instead of text or photos, and more.

5. Debut – Light Free Shopify Template

Debut Light is similar to the default them and has all the same features. The only difference is the lighter design.

6. Apparelix – Free Shopify Theme

Apparelix is a free Shopify template that is SEO friendly and helps in increasing the page rank position in search engine results. The theme uses bright colour and perfect typography. It is responsive and works on all the platforms.

7. Venture – Boxing Free Shopify Template

This responsive Shopify template is great for eCommerce stores that want to sell clothing or apparel. We liked the really nicely laid out product images along with visible call to action buttons. We did not like the fact that to get a larger view of the product you are selling, you have to click on the image and the larger image would take up the whole screen. Some other Shopify templates use a “zoom” feature that we feel is much more convenient for those users who want to get a closer look at the product.

8. Venture – Outdoors Free Shopify Theme

Part of the same collection of free Shopify templates as Venture Boxing, the Outdoors theme has a very user friendly layout and design that is sure to maximize sales for your eCommerce store. This template does, however, suffer from the same lack of zoom functionality on images. If you don’t need or care about the zoom feature, we can recommend Venture Outdoors for an eCommerce store selling outdoor gear or any sort of fitness products.

9. Venture – Snowboards Free Shopify Template

Finishing the Venture collection of free Shopify Themes is the Snowboards template. It’s design colors are different from Snowboards and Outdoors, but otherwise the templates are pretty identical. This theme is great for online stores that want to sell snowboarding or outdoor gear.

Shopify Online Store Templates

10. Fashe – Free Shopify Theme


If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce website that is free and modern Fashe may be the right Shopify template. This free theme has a clean and responsive design. It can be easily used by businesses in various niches.

11. Bootstrapify – Shopify Theme

Bootstrapify is a great free eCommerce Shopify theme. For users it is visually very attractive and appealing. It provides various typography options and styles to choose from. It can be easily customized according to the requirement.

12. Supply – Blue Free Shopify Template

If you are thinking about starting a Photography eCommerce website, this free Shopify template may be the right fit for you. Supply Blue is built specifically for website that plan on selling a large number of products on their website, which is great for Photography online stores. We really liked everything about this eCommerce template – from its styling, to its presentation of products and images. The only thing is the zoom feature – ironically, you wouldn’t think it would be missing from a Photography eCommerce theme.


13. Supply – Light Free Shopify Theme

Supply – Light feels much different from Supply Blue – probably because of the larger preview images of each product, as well as different colors used in the theme. Other than look and feel, the features in this free Shopify template are similar to Supply Blue.

14. Brooklyn Free Shopify Template

(no longer available)

Brooklyn one of the oldest free Shopify themes that was released under the Shopify platform, and it is still going strong. This template is created for online stores that want to sell various clothing or apparel, such as t-shirts, pants, sweaters, bags, hats or anything else.

15. Minimal – Music Free Shopify Theme

If you like minimal design, this free Shopify theme may be for you. Minimal Music features a very prominent search bar in the top left corner of the page (the place where you would normally expect the logo to be), and also allows to feature a home page video from YouTube or Vimeo, product slider, related products widget and more. The demo theme showcases a website that sells music, though you don’t have to use this template only for a music-oriented eCommerce website.

16. Minimal – Vintage Free Shopify Template

If you have nostalgia for things that used to be mainstream and want to sell those things, then Minimal Vintage is the perfect fit for you. This free Shopify template is designed in a similar way to Minimal Music, with a search bar featured at the top left spot. The theme also allows for image zoom, although the zoom opens a larger image that overlays the whole screen – much different from the “mouseover” zoom that we’ve seen in some other Shopify templates.

17. Minimal – Fashion Free Shopify Theme

Minimal Fashion is the third template is the Minimal themes collection. It features larger product images, which is perfect for fashion-oriented eCommerce websites. The design is light and clean and everything is easily accessible. The related products widget is also easy to spot, and you can feature “sale” icons on related product images that are being sold for less than their original price.

18. Simple – Light Free Shopify Theme

If you like simple things, then Simple – Light is a great eCommerce template for your online business. After all, what collection of free Shopify themes would be complete without a theme that features animated images, mobile-friendly website structure, free theme updates and a zoom that works by simply hovering your mouse over the products that are being sold? We really liked the simplicity and user-friendliness of the Simple – Light template.

19. Simple – Beauty Free Shopify Template

Simple – Beauty is a template that is ideal for websites that want to sell beauty or artisan products online. This clean, minimalistic theme features an add to cart button that allows your potential customer to continue shopping or going straight to checkout – depending on what they prefer, a user-friendly design and much more.

Shopify Page Templates Free Code

20. Boundless – Black & White Free Shopify Theme

If you like simple colors, then the Black & White template will make you happy. This free Shopify template gives you large, featured images in the header, although for some reason they were not clickable in the demo website. This theme is very oriented on large photography, as such it is a great theme for an eCommerce store selling clothes or similar items.

21. Boundless – Vibrant Free Shopify Template

Shopify Service Template

The last theme that rounds up our collection of free Shopify templates is the Boundless – Vibrant. It features a sticky menu, full-width featured slider (not clickable), and extremely large photography. If you feel that you want to showcase the products you are selling in their full beauty and want to use large, high definition images to help you sell them, then Boundless – Vibrant would be an excellent choice for your online store.

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