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Try changing your FileZilla Charset settings to Force UTF-8. See Figure 1: Figure 1. Try setting your FTP transfer settings to Passive and ensure that your settings are similar to what we recommend in our KnowledgeBase. For information on setting up a FTP in Filezilla, please see: Using FileZilla for FTP/SFTP. Sorry to all to be putting this question in the SharePoint Online but it is the only category that I found that is close to a OneDrive question. Thursday, April 21, 2016 1:40 PM Answers.

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  • Inspired by FileZilla, the fantastic free FTP client, SPFileZilla allows you to navigate and manage SharePoint as if it were an FTP Server. Browse site lists, document libraries, folders, and files. Download and upload files and folders, including support for nested folders hierarchies.
  • FileZilla ® Pro supports both OneDrive for Business – a secured cloud service that allows members of an organization to access their files -and SharePoint, a Web-based product that interacts with Microsoft Office products.
Hi Team,
Filezilla sharepoint onlineFilezillaI am unable to connect to sharepoint online from WinSCP.
The errors in the logs i get are :
. 2020-01-28 09:55:34.213 [hdr] X-MSDAVEXT_Error: 917656; Access+denied.+Before+opening+files+in+this+location%2c+you+must+first+browse+to+the+web+site+and+select+the+option+to+login+automatically.
. 2020-01-28 09:55:34.213 Header Name: [x-msdavext_error], Value: [917656; Access+denied.+Before+opening+files+in+this+location%2c+you+must+first+browse+to+the+web+site+and+select+the+option+to+login+automatically.]

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I can attach logs if needed.

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