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Could someone post an example of how to target another AV via spoken command and via one AV targeting another, I must be missing it. I know the sensor function will get folks around an object, but say i want to have the player say 'Hug Fred', how do i convert that into fred's av so i can make the player walk over and hug fred, etc. Then you can fire the particles at the target prim. Another option is to just fire at the prim always and tell the prim what avatar name to constantly follow until told to come back to 'home'. That way the prim does the work following the AV and offsetting itself and the particle generator just does its job firing particles. Second Life developer Linden Lab has sold Sansar, a platform for virtual 'scenes' that could be explored with a VR headset or traditional PC setup. Back in 2016, I described the service as. Read manga online Target 1 Billion Points! Open The Ultimate Game Of Second Life! On our manga website Briefly about Target 1 Billion Points! Open The Ultimate Game Of Second Life! Xie Yu kept himself closed because of the death of his friend, immersed in the game world, until one day a mobile game called the ultimate game appeared on his mobile phone, when he learned that the game.

Second Life Targeting Strategy

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Event: at_target( integertnum, vectortargetpos, vectorourpos ){ ; }

Result of llTarget library function call

• integer tnumllTarget return
• vector targetposllTarget position parameter
• vector ourpos current position (similar to llGetPos)




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llTarget Setup a target position
llTargetRemove Stop a target position
llRotTarget Setup a target rotation
llRotTargetRemove Stop a target rotation

Deep Notes

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Second Life Targeting Technology

-= Product Description =-
This HUD has been created with low script time and as little amount of lag as possible.

Ever thought that the mouselook cross-hair is just not big enough, or stand out enough?
Then you've found the right product! This will give you a much larger (custom size as the
product is copy/mod). But what makes this even better is it will sense when you are
looking at another avatar! When it notices this, it will give you a great visual trigger in the
way of turning red in color and showing you above in written text who it is that you're aiming
at (especially good for when you're in a team battle)

-= Product Features =-
* Low-lag scripting
* Only shows in mouse-look
* Ray-cast for avatar detection so works in no-rez zones
* Works the same regardless of your draw distance

Second Life Targeting Group

-= How To use =-
Simply wear the HUD and you're good to go. Once you go into mouse-look you will see
the black target on your screen. Once you're aimed at someone, it will turn red and let you
know who it is that you're aiming at! That's it!

Happy aiming!