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With gorgeous, lush, landscaped views all around, you’ll be amazed and thrilled to call The Grove home. Living at the Grove is not just making a home but being part of a community rich in activities and people you’ll find friendly and neighborly. Established in 2010, The Grove remains Second Life’s most beautiful community with parks, winding roads and surprises waiting for you to discover. Offering event venues as well as the Del Vino Restaurant, Caffe Diem and our beach to name a few, there will always be a setting to fit your mood. The Grove is a must-see community to appreciate its beauty and serenity. Won't you join us? Don't forget to ask about our free house offer!

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It is our goal for The Grove Country Club Estates to be a peaceful and quiet living environment for our residents. Our community allows for larger, upscale homes with ample room to terraform between residences. We feel that this will provide you with a community experience yet allow you to also have a sense of privacy. This is a luxury community, and we will do our best to ensure it stays as such. We hope to maintain a cohesive neighborhood look combined with an activity rich community.

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Aug 19, 2011 @ Jaidyn, having said that, the real estate buisness is a very hard one to make money at the moment. You are correct that others have made money at it 'in the past', personally I did very well land dealing when land was actually worth something, but you could sell a 512 for over L$10,000 back then, whereas now you are talking more like L$500. Evernest Estate is an environment surrounded by nature, a green space with several trees, plants, and flowers of beautiful colors. Their mission is to help you build your dream home, providing you with decoration, privacy, and security. For more information go to

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