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It didn't take long for Second Life, a leader in 3D Virtual Worlds, to respond to's announcement of new features.The most compelling new feature revealed was its innovative ThereIM which would allow its members to chat in 3D and 2D worlds at the same time. Not to be out-done by their competition, Second Life has announced their own instant messenger called SLim(Second Life Instant Messenger) that will work in the 2D and 3D worlds.

A whole New Virtual World

The thin client SLim will be a voice and text instant messaging client that will enable Second Life Residents to conduct voice or text conversations with members of their Second Life Friends list in and out of the virtual world. While the Second Life viewer will still serve as the primary communication engine, SLim is capable of running on any computer and offers users a voice-enabled instant messaging client that extends the value of the Second Life platform beyond the virtual world.

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Second Life Slim

Second Life Messenger

Breaking down the Barriers

Allowing communication between the virtual world and the regular online world is a major hurdle that has hampered wider acceptance of that platform. Taking down this barrier will be a boon not only for entertainment purposes but also for commercial and corporate endeavors. Enabling interaction between these two separate worlds will surely take 3D virtual worlds to the next level.

Additional features of the SLim client:

  1. Feb 01, 2012 No, there is no official Second Life app for mobile devices.
  2. The chat window that allows two Residents to have a private conversation with each other. Opposed to open chat, which is limited to a distance of 20 meter, instant messages (often abbrivated as IMs) reach grid wide.
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- Provides residents with access to their Second Life Friends list with real-time presence status updates

Second Life Messenger

Second Life Instant Messenger

- Enables users to seamlessly migrate a text conversation into a voice call

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- Allows SLim users to leave voice mails for offline friends


Linden Lab and Vivox will be demonstrating the benefits of SLim at this week's Virtual Worlds Conference in Los Angeles, California. The official release date has not been made public.

Second Messengers Examples


Second Life Instant Messenger

The future of 3D virtual worlds looks brighter than ever thanks to the two announcements made by and Second Life. We can all expect more innovation to come from this platform as it becomes more integrated with the rest of our online experiences.