Second Life For Dummies

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You’ve heard all about Second Life. Maybe you’ve already jumped with both feet—and gotten stuck. Or maybe you’re a Second Life veteran who wants to build something or run a business. Fear not!

Is Second Life Worth It

Second Life for Dummies by Sarah Robbins. Series: for Dummies Computers and Internet, For Dummies. Members: Reviews: Popularity: Average rating: Conversations: 55: None: 362,704 (4) None: Offers the scoop on getting around and making friends in the online game, Second Life. Includes information on how to personalize your avatar or even open a. Project Bento is an update to the Second Life Avatar Skeleton which is what allows Second Life Avatars to move and come to life, as well as enabling the creation of more lifelike and intricate rigged mesh attachments. The Project Bento Update added bones to the skeleton to expand rigging and animation support in the following areas.

Second Life For Dummies is hear to hold your hand, pat your back, and cheer you on through this new and enchanting reality.

Written by a pair of Second Life old timers, this easy-to-use, flip-and-find guide is packed with expert advice, seasoned insight, and handy tips and tricks to get you moving fast. You’ll find out how to set up your account, create an avatar, meet people and socialize, and find your comfort zone and stay in it. But it’s a big world out there, so you’ll also learn how to make stuff, buy stuff, do stuff, and keep track of all the stuff you’re accumulating. Discover how to

Second Life For Dummies


Second Life For Dummies Pdf

  • Install Second Life get started
  • Create and customize your avatar
  • Meet and get to know fascinating people
  • Stay safe and comfortable as you learn and explore
  • Make, wear, and sell your own fashions
  • Script your Second Life
  • Buy land and build a house
  • Become a land baron or a money maker
  • Make real money in Second Life
  • Get a real-life education—even a degree

Complete with fantastic lists of cool places, answers to big questions, and supplemental software, Second Life For Dummies is your ticket to a great virtual adventure.

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