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The Experiences window is where you can view and manage all your Experiences in Second Life. For more information about Experiences, see Experiences in Second Life in the Second Life Knowledge Base.

Search tab Search for Experiences and view their Experience Profiles.
Enter part of the name Enter part or all of an Experience's name and click the Go button to search for Experiences. Clicking Go with nothing in the search field returns results for all experiences.
Max Content Rating Set the maximum maturity rating for your search results. Maturity ratings above this setting will not appear in search results.
Second Life Experience

Second Life Experience

Search results field Shows the name and owner of experiences in your search results. You can select experiences in this list by clicking them.

Enjoy some of Second life's best mixology, have a drink on me. Cuddle up with on the authentic antique settle and be mesmerized by the authentic louche process of this unique absinthe fountain. The agent has previously blocked the experience through another experience permission dialog or through the experience profile. An attachment is asking for permission from an agent other than its owner. The experience cannot run on the region because it is blocked or exceeds the maturity rating of the region. The experience can no longer run. Come and experience this Italian experience. Let yourself be seduced by the charms of Italy and immerse yourself in the sweetness of Tuscan life. Il Borgo - Tuscany Experience Second Life. Second Life's official website. Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can create, connect, and chat with others from around the world using voice and text. Like the video for this channel to convert into a Drake And Josh Channel.My Twitter: Instagram:

View Profile Opens the Experience Profile for the selected Experience.
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Allowed tab Lists Experiences that you have allowed to act on your Avatar. Click the Experience's name to open its Experience Profile.
Blocked tab Lists Experiences that you have blocked from acting on your Avatar. Click the Experience's name to open its Experience Profile.

Second Life Experiences

Admin tab Lists Experiences in which you have administrative rights. Click the Experience's name to open its Experience Profile.

Second Life Experience Error Codes

Contributor tab Lists Experiences to which you are a contributor. Click the Experience's name to open its Experience Profile.
Owned tab Lists experiences you own. Click the Experience's name to open its Experience Profile.
Events tab Lists actions taken on your avatar by Experiences.
Events list Lists the time, event name, Experience name, and object that acted upon your avatar. You can select an event from this list by clicking it.
Notify Places more detailed information about the event into your chat window, including the owner of the Experience and the land parcel name.
Profile Opens the Experience Profile for the selected event's Experience.
Report Opens the Abuse Report tool with information pre-filled to identify the selected Experience.
Notify All Events Automatically logs all Experience events in your chat history.
Days Limit the number of days' worth of events listed. Up to the last 14 days of events can be viewed.
Clear Clears all events from the list.
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Retrieved from '' provides a virtual world for avatars of any kind to adventure in and around a world that is unlike their real one. This Second Life experience was one of my first virtual reality experiences on a computer and I found myself getting more engaged than I had originally thought.

Instructed to go to virtual hallucinations island this place made the audio and visual stimulants match those of an individual with schizophrenia, a long-term mental disorder that breaks down thoughts and reality.

Second Life Experience Scripting

Description– Transported to a piece of land that had a house on it you first had to attach the hallucinations badge onto your avatar, which immediately put audio into my headphones of people telling me to grab the gun and kill him. The audio stimuli was very sudden and didn’t stop, even when there was a button saying ‘Stop Voices’. Multiple voices saying that I’m worthless and am ruining things, but then it would switch to someone calmly talking about an entirely different topic. Visually it was interesting. I found myself laughing a couple of times because of the things that would happen if I stayed in the hallway for too long or looked at a newspaper for more than five seconds. Words would start appearing clearer than others and the words were always ones like ‘Death’ or ‘Don’t Care’.

Feelings– My personal reactions to this experience were that I would never wish this on anyone. Personally, I have so many other things going on in my head that when these people started telling me to grab a gun or that I am worthless I can easily see how someone would start believe them or following the actions it demanded. I liked the experience as a whole, but the voices were probably the worst part for me.

Evaluation– Being that this was one of my first computer virtual reality experiences I thought it was pretty interesting and let me really immerse myself into what it would be like with a mental disorder like that. The actual navigation for the game was pretty straight forward and easy to follow, and although there were sometimes where I was flying above the ceiling for no reason, I feel that this experience was pretty much what I had expected.

Analysis– Through this hallucinations experience I have learned that schizophrenia is not just people talking in your head and things happening that didn’t really happen. Its a constant battle in one person’s head between what is real and what is made up. I sometimes watch those shows that follow the life of a person with mental disorders and when someone has schizophrenia they are normally so out of touch with what is happening, so much more than the others. This exercise helped me understand a little of more the reasons why. It helped me gain a different perspective of what this person would have to go through on a daily basis just to get to the next day and do it all over again. They are so out of touch with reality because there is no reality for them, they are living in their own virtual reality that get made up everyday inside their head.