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Second Life Making Real Money is REAL and I just received $17.92 USD from Second Life. I exchanged my Linden Dollars to US Dollars and withdrew the money to. All Second LifeĀ® accounts have both a Linden dollar balance and a US dollar balance. You can see both balances in the Linden Dollar Summary and Tilia Account Summary on your Account page at When you have a new Second Life account, your US dollar balance is $0. You can increase your US dollar balance by selling L$ on the LindeX.

Second Life Pricing List. All fees are charged in US Dollars (USD). Customers may be charged additional credit card fees for currency conversion from non-USD currencies to USD. Lindex. Buying L$ 7.50% transaction fee (minimum US$ 1.49 fee, maximum US$ 9.99 fee) Selling L$ 3.50%. The Linden Dollar is the unit of currency for all monetary transactions in Second Life. Linden Dollars (aka 'Lindens') are a micro currency and can be traded for real world currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) on the official LindeX. How many Linden Dollars can you buy for. Second Life has its very own virtual currency, called the Linden dollar, or L$. Although the exchange rate is subject to change, one US Dollar is typically about 250-300 Linden dollars. There are many ways to get Linden dollars in Second Life - you can buy them directly from Linden Lab, or roll up your sleeves and earn them inside Second Life.

Second Life Dollars To Usd Exchange Rate

Second Life Dollars To Usd Converter


Can To Usd Dollar


Second Life Dollars To Usd Calculator

- Have second life account > Dose not need to be premium.
- You need to have connected inworld to second life at least once.
- Have a verified Paypal account with credit card (not debit card) linked. For now there is no exception to this rule it seems that in america a credit card is not obligatory but in all other county's it is.
Step 1 = link second life account to paypal account
Dashboard > > login
> Add Paypal
> Enter paypal email and password

Step 2 = purchase an item with dollars through paypal on Marketplace or buy lindens
This step is only if you are new to SL and have not bought any lindens or land etc :
Purchase Small item maybe 2 USD$ for example this item
The purchase activates your payment information and will allows you change linden to dollars after 14 days. with limits as follows :

Step 3 = activate advanced interface :
Linden Exchange menu > Manage > L$ Exchange Settings
> Choose advanced > Submit
Step 4 = convert Lindens to dollars :
Linden Exchange menu > Manage >Sell
- Be sure to check that your trading limits for sell are not set to 0L$
> if it is still at 0L$ maybe you have not waited 14 days, if you have waited 14 days you can submit a ticket and ask for help :
> In Offer to Sell Linden Dollars box> add number of lindens to exchange> Add exchange rate wanted ( I always put 248 and they are sold in 5 min)
> Offer to sell
> Login again
> Check Sell information
> Place sell order
You will see this confirmation message :
You will receive an email saying you have placed an order.
You will receive a second email when your sale order is filled. The dollars are then on your second life account and need to be processed.

Step 4 = transfer dollar to paypal
Dashboard > Linden Exchange menu > Manage > Process Credit
> Select correct paypal account if it is not already selected

> Request Process Credit Button at the bottom
> Enter amount (must be = or lower then USD balance)
> Login
> Confirm
> Processing takes up to 5 working days and it generally dose take that long. You will receive an email when processing is complete.
I hope this tuto helps you out :)