Second Life Chromebook

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Second Life Chromebook
  1. How To Get Second Life On Chromebook
  2. Second Life On Chromebook

To explore, communicate, and connect in Second Life, you'll need to download our 3D browsing software, or what we call the SL Viewer. It's not only fast and easy to. Shop Chromebooks to get the speedy, simple, secure laptop that's designed to run fast and comes with the best of Google built in. Firestorm is to Virtual Worlds what Firefox and Google Chrome are to the Internet. We develop and distribute an open source viewer for accessing Virtual Worlds.

How To Get Second Life On Chromebook

Second Life Chromebook

Second Life On Chromebook

Loaves, Fishes and Computers (LFC) a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Monterey County, California which purpose is to help local individuals and families overcome the digital and economic divides by providing low-to-no-cost computer systems, digital literacy classes, hands-on technology workshops, and technology assistance/computer repair for low-income individuals, families, seniors, veterans, children, people with disabilities and nonprofit organizations, while providing volunteers an encouraging and gratifying place to learn about Computer Science and Information Technology, and with the help of academic partnering organizations, engage in exciting, new education and career opportunities.
  • Since 2009, LFC has reached over 48,000 low-income residents, distributed over 9,200 refurbished computers/Chromebooks, and reused and placed over 93 tons of computers instead of them entering the e-waste stream.‚Äč
  • We rely on our 225+ yearly volunteers who put in over 1,500 hours per month in order to refurbish donated computers/Chromebooks for local low-income families.