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Equal10 is a vibrant, monthly shopping event that features various items created by some of Second Life´s most popular designers and talented newcomers. This original, energetic location has something for everyone trying to get their groove on and party, with a theme of synthwave ambience. The recurring event starts on the 10th of every month. Do not use Group Chat to strike up a conversation, only to ask for a script etc. We are called the Black Market for a reason, and what reason would that be is up to you to decide. View Full Profile in Second Life. Second Life Marketplace - Black Market G&S This item is rated Moderate, but you are currently able to view only those items rated General. You may be able to view this item if you log in or join Second Life. Return to Marketplace. Second Life login. Your username is both your screenname in Second Life and your login ID. Accounts created prior to June 2010 may have both a first and last name (Example: First Last), while newer accounts may only have a single username.


Sakide brings a ray of light into The Black Market, with this super mesh dress. I love the simple shape, perfect fit, interesting neckline , great pattern – the gold detailing looks fantastic , and the range of colours available at the touch of a button on the hud. Take a look at a small selection below, in total there 10 colour options , black, white , and 8 jewel like colours. The other great thing about this dress is there is a sheer option, and this is such a sexy look that this should be a part of every summer wardrobe .

Sakide also has three other items at a discounted price at The Black Market, this round runs until 13 August so plenty of time to brighten your wardrobe . Slurl to get you there:


Continuing with the bright palette I donned a pair of shoes I had picked up at The Summer Break Festival being held at Feeb’s Rascals St , Titled Picasso Admirer these fun shoes are from {{ BSD}} at a reduced price on their market stall. For the festival the street has been filled with market carts loaded with items at a reduced price. If you are on a tight budget check out the bright inflatable ” floaties” perched atop the stalls as these contain items for 0-10L. Plus there is a photo contest associated with the festival with linden cash and prizes, so head over there and check out the details.


Dress: Ray of Light Dress, [ SAKIDE ] ( @ The Black Market)
Shoes:Picasso admirer, {{BSD Design studio}} ( @ The Summer Break Festival)
Skin: riha* Disturbia bronze, al vulo
Hair:Moxie w/Roots – sandlewood, >TRUTH<
Eyes: Destiny Eyes – Hazel , IKON
Makeup:Eyeshadow & Lashes 5, Blacklace Beauty
Jewelry: Zusa Jewelry set, Zibska

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Second Life Black Market

Purveyors of perversion and caterers to all your Dark Roleplay needs. The VGS Black Market has been bringing its dark visions to SL since 2007. We brought you grabbable clothing before grabbing was a thing, then VGPS grid-wide stalking before SIN/RDF Tracker snaffled the idea and made it free ;) You're welcome!
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