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Linden Lab is pleased to announce the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA), a new community arts initiative developed in partnership with Tansee and Hannington Xeltentat.

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Second L8fe

What is the SLEA?
SLEA is the spiritual successor to the former Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), a decade-long partnership with the arts community that aimed to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster innovation, collaboration and education. Due to open to the public in January 2021, the new SLEA is a multi-region experience that aims to provide opportunities to further fuel interest in and spotlight the work of both established and emerging artists in Second Life.

It is hoped that the creations and art featured in SLEA will help draw attention to the overall arts community in Second Life including driving both traffic and awareness to many of the established artists and exhibits found across Second Life. In addition, SLEA would like to reach out to new residents of SL and help them to discover the arts in SL and all the creative tools that are offered so that a new generation of creativity will unfold.

Pictured: A map of the seven-region SLEA experience including central hub and related art regions and sandbox. (Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington).

Since LEA ended in late 2019, many members of the community have expressed an interest in reviving the idea of establishing another official showcase hub for the arts in Second Life. In particular, both Tansee and Hannington led a grassroots effort to revive LEA that resulted in the formation of the Hannington Endowment for the Arts in late 2019. That initiative, which has drawn the interest, respect and participation of many artists in SL, proved the concept and the demand from the arts community in Second Life. SLEA promises even more access to engaging events, exhibitions and experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. It is anticipated that the HEA will continue as a separate entity for those who wish to participate in its activities

At the heart of the SLEA presence in Second Life will be a new central landing and information hub featuring a teleport station that will help visitors easily discover current exhibitions, as well as a public park, “art challenge corner,” arts education center and SLEA Theater.

Here’s a peek at the work-in-progress layout:

Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington.

How can artists and creators participate?
Specific details of how the community can get involved in SLEA will be revealed in the near future. Keep an eye out for the application where artists and creators can apply for consideration for use of full or partial regions at SLEA. There is also a new SLEA group inworld that interested parties can join, too. To learn even more about SLEA, tune in next week to a special episode of “Designing Worlds” for an insightful interview with Tansee, Hannington and Linden Lab execs Patch and Brett Linden.

Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington.

Note: Linden Lab and the SLEA wish to express our deep gratitude to all in the community who have supported and promoted the arts in Second Life over the years. In particular, we want to express thanks to the many volunteers who contributed to the original Linden Endowment for the Arts during its almost decade-long run from 2010-2019. We are grateful for your ongoing passion and support -- and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings with SLEA in 2021.

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To use Show Look At, enable the Develop menu with Ctrl+Alt+Q, then Develop > Avatar > Show Look At. (On viewers before 2.0, try Advanced menu > Character > Show Look At.) The LookAt point is an animation hint, viewers use it to know what way to turn your eyes, head and torso.

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Thanks to Richard Linden for this info on what the different colors mean:

Attention Color Description
Nonedark gray
Idlelight graydefault when no other attentions are active
AutoListenlight graylook at avatars and objects that are talking around you
FreeLookslate bluefollow the mouse cursor
Respondblacklook at someone when typing a response to them
Hovergreenlook at the object your mouse is hovering over, when hover tips enabled (not used in Viewer 2)
Conversationdark bluelook at someone after clicking on them (disabled by default)
Selectcorallook at the selected (right-clicked) object
Focusvioletlook at the alt-zoom target. This crosshair does not necessarily follow your camera, it is only the starting point or object from before you began to zoom around. If you focus on yourself, or use Alt+arrow keys to move the camera around, an arbitrary focus point several meters in front of you, not pointing at anything in particular, is used.
Mouselookyellowfollow cursor in mouselook

There are various values that control how long these lookats are valid, how they prioritize relative to each other, what the percentage chance of them triggering is, etc. You can find the settings in character/attentions.xml (for example, C:Program FilesSecondLifecharacterattentions.xml).

This video shows how Show Look At works in action:

Tweaking attentions.xml

The standard attentions.xml file looks like this. There are separate sections for when you are wearing a male or female shape, but by default the numbers are set to be the same.

Why would we want to change this? One reason could be the 'stop camming me!' phenomenon. Sometimes people can be upset by the hover, select and focus crosshairs appearing on their heads, so we can tell our avatars not to use those. Simply set their priorities to 0.0 like so:

You will need to restart the viewer to see the changes.

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