Roofing Direct Mail

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This is a 100% complete package of design, printing, hail damage targeting and delivery.


Our turn-key 100% complete direct mail solution is the entire package from concept to mailbox. An exact count and quote is delivered before any campaign starts based on your chosen target area.

Precision Storm Targeting

Our precise targeting of weather related damaged areas is combined with household income information to maximize your storm-based targeted campaigns. We know where the best probability of damage occurred and we’ll target your mailing specifically to those exact areas and to the best homes!



Our experienced design team will create an eye catching postcard that will entice homeowners to call YOU instead of your competition. You specific post card will be designed specifically for your company.

  1. Roofer Postcards & Doorhangers! We do millions of direct mailings a year for roofing and dent repair companies nationwide. Using highly efficient resources we are able to market to storm and hail damaged areas immediately after the storm. We can go by the area you tell us or use a hail swath report.
  2. The Email Marketing Guide For Roofing Contractors. Replacing a roof is a big investment for many people. It’s also a pain in the ass for a lot of homeowners dealing with the construction of their homes. For roofers, replacing a roof is not a big deal since they do it every day but for a homeowner or a commercial property owner, it can be a.


Upon approval of the design, our printing is fast and professional with a wide range of printing options. Our most popular postcards are typically full color and 5.5” x 8.5” in size.

After working with their roofing marketing consultant, the client decided to go with an integrated roofer direct mail postcard and letter campaign. They purchased 2,500 postcards and mailed to around 200 homes per week, only targeting homes with visibly damaged roofs. Then, they followed up these roofing postcards with roofer direct mail letters.



After printing, we deliver the postcards to your chosen target area. Delivery options include one drop or multiple drops over a period of time. From start to finish, the standard timing is 7-10 business days from design to mailbox. If you want to print postcards ahead of time, we can send them immediately to mailboxes in 3-4 business days. Quicker delivery options are available at an increased cost.

Our mailing service pricing is based on the number of mailers that are delivered, size of the mailer and number of colors used. Believe it or not, this price includes everything from design to printing to delivery!

Here are the options you have for ordering your next mailer:

Postcard Sizes
We offer two sizes of postcards, 4” X 6” and 5.5” X 8.5”. Most companies opt for the 5.5″ by 8.5″.

Printing Colors We offer three color options for printing, including 1-color, 2-color, and full color.

As an additional feature, we can also order your own company postmark, rather than using ours. This will show your company name and the local city on the mailers, instead of an out-of-town city. Ask us about this service when ordering.

Roofing Direct Mail

Call Roofing Contractor Marketing today to get your “Direct Mailto Hail” campaign started!

With the Acclaim Plastic Postcard you can be very targeted with your direct mail campaign.

The Acclaim Postcard works great for the roofing industry because they stand out in the mailbox, they convey an image of quality and they are just too nice to throw away. People will keep them longer than most other forms of advertising.

Roofing Direct Mail Image

Combined with a good offer, the best list and a professional design, postcards will work, but when you make it a Plastic Postcard, your results will increase dramatically.

Roofing Direct Mail

Ask us about our storm targeted release program for the roofing industry. This program will put your message in the right hands at the right time.