Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing

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Restaurant direct mail advertising can help you generate new business and bring new customers in your door. With a targeted direct mail marketing program from, you can reach the new movers in your neighborhood with information about your restaurant. The Richmond, Virginia franchise enlisted Taradel's help to identify, target, and reach new customers via direct mail, email, and digital marketing channels. We are passionate about helping people and businesses achieve success. Menus are one of the most effective direct mail pieces for restaurants. Showing customers what you have to offer and how much it costs makes your menu a useful resource they’ll hold on to. Plus, you can get them hungry for your food with vivid imagery that will make their mouths water. Target Your Marketing Campaigns Choose your audience and connect. Use the free Every Door Direct Mail ® (EDDM ®) mail route mapping tool to target addresses in specific areas, whether you're sending small business advertisements or large corporate mailings. Save money on marketing campaigns. Restaurant Industry Trends. As you create a restaurant marketing strategy amid the ever-evolving landscape of COVID-19, responding to consumer uncertainty and understanding behavior shifts can help you create a solid plan to attract diners to restaurants of all types, from quick serve restaurant (QSR) to fast casual to casual dining.

We provide a culture of personalized services and solutions but unfortunately we are only able offer our Personalized Print services, Direct Mail and Direct Marketing services and Postcard Retargeting services only to customers with offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. And in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Regulations, we don’t collect email addresses, any browser based history or any Personal Identifiable Information, or Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information on you.

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Direct mail marketing for restaurants will help you get your share of the $440.1 billion dollars Americans will spend in restaurants in 2012. Creative advertising, specialty restaurant direct mail marketing and customer management can take a bite out of your competition and boost your bottom line.

Do You Know Your Customers?


For restaurants, offering quality food, providing outstanding service and greeting regulars warmly is standard operating procedure. But do you encourage frequent business by compiling customer lists for staying in touch? Satisfied customers are most likely to become your regulars, whether it’s for special occasions or every Tuesday night.

Compiling a list of previous customers is the ideal way to offer specials, announce new dishes, share recipes or invite them to a special wine dinner or other event. Start compiling your customer database by using information from a guest book, reservation lists, drawing sign-ups or comment cards.

Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing

Once you’ve started, it’s vital to keep it going. Regularly adding names will build your list; keeping addresses current and eliminating duplications is just as important. At least once a year your list should be compared with The National Change of Address (NCOA) records; this process will save an enormous amount of time and money on your promotions – while keeping your mailing lists current.

Restaurant Marketing – Cater To A New Crowd

There are several approaches to direct mailing to the households most likely to dine with you. The most affordable is mailing to selected neighborhoods with a Resident list that saturates your area. Once you select the neighborhoods, BlueGrass Mailing will compile a mailing list that’s walk-sequenced within carrier routes in specified zip codes. This offers the lowest postage rate; however, the piece will be addressed ‘Resident’ rather than including the recipient’s name. If your restaurant caters to specific demographic groups, there is a list that will serve your purposes, whether it’s income-based, households with families, etc.

Trying to fill tables at lunchtime? Develop multi-person offers and mail to businesses within a predetermined geographic area – an office park, for example or businesses within a five-mile radius of your location. If your restaurant is equipped to handle a large crowd, business-to-business advertising is ideal for promoting catering and/or special event gatherings.

Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing Programs

We have the resources to help you put your name at the top of the list at meal time.