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This last melt-up rally has been fueled by the belief that the reign of corruption will continue for another cycle...
  • The major foreign policy issue of his early reign was the Second Anglo-Dutch War. In 1670, he entered into the Treaty of Dover, an alliance with his cousin King Louis XIV of France. Louis agreed to aid him in the Third Anglo-Dutch War and pay him a pension, and Charles secretly promised to convert to Catholicism at an unspecified future date.
  • PLEASE CONTACT: REIGN CONGREJO INWORLD AND SEND YOUR RESUME FOR CONSIDERATION. February 18, 2020. Second Life (Default) Linden Lab - Second Life (dark).

And no, they don't see it coming. Because who could warn them, they don't trust anyone who can be trusted...

Last week, the bulls and bears alike got rinsed as the market collapsed Monday and Tuesday and then catapulted higher back to unchanged on the week.

Where it gets interesting is that the stocks leading this last phase of glue sniffing are the two sectors that benefit the most from Elizabeth Warren sliding down the polls: Healthcare and Financials.

It's abundantly clear that the 'big money' now betting on a Trump win has rotated massively to these two sectors. Last week's selloff was the biggest since August, and yet it's not even a blip on these charts.

'Jefferies’ Holz wasn’t necessarily surprised to see the health care ETF’s improved performance over the last two months as Warren’s polling and odds declined over October and November'

Last week's correction was a minor pullback prior to a blowoff top in Financials, led by the the largest U.S. bank:

With respect to time, this top is perfectly symmetrical. Eleven months on the left shoulder and eleven months on the right:

Vol reversal each time from this level in the past 18 months:

Speculators have found a new toy. The riskiest stocks in the market:

Any questions?

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Is it a coincidence that Biotechs dominate the list of recent IPOs?
Including the best performing IPO since August?

Which stocks peaked last in (December) 2018?

Healthcare providers

Filled the open gap from last year's crash, now rolling over again:

Overlay narco pharma with Hindenburg OmensKingSecond

Showing us the three 'highs' in social mood

The smoking crack zone:
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As I've said, the market and Trump's approval rating will collapse in lockstep, as everyone realizes the 'paradigm shift' is on the way.

And no, they don't see it coming. Reign Second Life

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Cast in the lead role as Queen Mary Stuart, this Australian actress became the face of Reign. Based on the historical figure Mary, Queen of Scots, Kane beautifully represented the famous queen’s independence, passion, intellect, and poise… all traits that made her a unique woman for her era. Throughout the series, the character has to navigate her way through romantic entanglements and the politics of the royal court, along with all of the other trials and tribulations afforded to a woman in power.

While she was already on some people’s radar from her time on the show Teen Wolf, as well as her role in the successful movie The Purge, Reign truly gave Adelaide a chance to shine. Kane connected to the role so much that she believed she might be related to the real Queen of Scots, a fact about which she was unfortunately mistaken. Today, fans can find her on ABC’s hit show Once Upon a Time, where she plays a recurring role as one of Cinderella’s stepsisters.

Sinden was cast as one of Queen Mary’s lady-in-waiting, the lovely and loyal Greer Castleroy. Greer is an interesting character due to the fact that unlike the other ladies, she does not hold any noble titles despite her great wealth. In the beginning of the show it is made clear that she is expected to find a titled man to marry, a goal that she often wrestles with. Sinden helped make Greer into a character that was stubborn and ambitious, yet good hearted.

For Celina Sinden, Reign was the first big foray into the world of television. It was a role that worked out well for her not just professionally, but in her personal life as well. Fans might recognize Sinden’s now husband, Rossif Sutherland, as the man who played Nostradamus on the show. The two met on set and soon fell in love. In 2016, Sinden gave birth to their first child, Theodore, and soon after the happy couple eloped at a courthouse.

Taking on the role of Queen Mary’s lady-in-waiting, Lady Lola Narcisse, Popplewell played a character that was difficult to forget. Lola’s relationship with Mary was a bit rockier than that of the young queen’s other friends. After she had an affair with Mary’s intended husband, Francis, and gave birth to his illegitimate child, it was difficult to decide whether to feel sorry for her, or root for her. Popplewell’s character often had fans split on whether they wanted her to be cast aside or redeemed.

By the time Reign rolled around, Popplewell had already built up her own fan base from her earlier role as Susan Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Reign was a valuable opportunity for her to allow audiences to see her in a more mature and sophisticated manner. In May 2016, Popplewell married her longtime boyfriend, Sam Caird, a director in the industry. The couple is reportedly very happy together and it looks like they may just be one of the ones who will go the distance!

As Catherine de’ Medici, Queen Dowager of France, Fellows played an important role as one of the show’s main characters. Throughout the series, Catherine is often Mary’s adversary. After a prediction that Mary would be the downfall of her beloved son Francis, Catherine works behind the scenes to cause trouble for Mary in an attempt to protect her family. Fellows’ portrayal of the meddlesome character led her to become one of the favorites amongst the show’s fans, with many delighting in Catherine’s tough and calculating nature.

As the youngest child of actors Ted Fellows and Dawn Greenhalgh, acting definitely runs in Megan’s blood. Before her time on Reign, she already had a number of accolades to her name, including the award winning performances of her portrayal of Anne of Green Gables in several mini-series. She was also nominated three years in a row for her role on Reign at the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Performance. In her personal life, she is a divorcé with two children, now young adults in their 20s.

Rose Williams joined the cast in the second season of Reign as Princess Claude, the younger sister of Francis and Catherine’s daughter. From the beginning, Williams made a splash on the show with her character’s more rebellious nature. Claude became known for her tendency to scheme and cause trouble, as well as being a bit spoiled and selfish. Her relationship with her mother is often antagonistic, which became a major point in the character’s development over the course of the show.

Apart from a few small films, Reign was Williams’ first major role on television, giving her a much larger fan base. Her audition for the role was so impressive that she only needed to show up to a single audition before she was called and offered the part. In preparation, she did a lot of research about the time period, the real Catherine de Medici, and the real Princess Claude, who she learned was not quite how she was represented in the show.

Making her first appearance in the finale of the show’s second season, Skarsten played the legendary Queen Elizabeth I. The English Queen played a crucial role throughout the show, as she is one of Queen Mary’s more abstract enemies. As the show progresses, the audience comes to appreciate the sides of both queens, and the tricky line they tried to walk. Skarsten portrayed Elizabeth as both strong and vulnerable, which particularly came across in the choices she makes regarding Mary, and how they affected the outcome of Mary’s life.

Rachel Skarsten already had quite the résumé before joining the cast of Reign. She was in the popular movie, 50 Shades of Grey, the TV shows Birds of Prey, Lost Girl, as well as a number of smaller guest roles. Recently, she also played a part in the newest Aaron Sorkin film Molly’s Game. The Canadian actress fluent in Norwegian, which she learned from her father. Skarsten has also made a point to publicly declare herself a feminist, an act that was met with positive support from her fans.

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At the beginning of the show’s first season, viewers were introduced to Lady Aylee, another one of Queen Mary’s ladies-in-waiting. Grant helped give the character a sense of innocence, while also allowing her clear intellect to shine through. Unfortunately, Aylee does not survive long in the show and is tragically killed after only eight episodes. Her death scene was one that deeply affected Queen Mary and her friends, as well as the audience. Fans had enjoyed the character and were disappointed to see her go so soon.

While she had appeared in a few shows and films before Reign, Grant’s time on the series was really what began to get her noticed in the industry. Following her time on Reign, the Canadian actress has kept up a steady acting career. After some small appearances on various shows, Grant received a recurring role on the show Ransom. Recently, she had also had a recurring part in the popular thriller Orphan Black, as well as a role in the critically acclaimed series, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Joining the cast in the show’s second season, Alexandra Ordolis played the recurring role of Delphine. While the character is originally believed to be a pious nun, it is later discovered this was not the case; rather, Delphine is a magic practicing pagan with the power to heal the dead and bring them back to life. Ordolis’ character is mysterious and dark, while at the time same time seemingly gentle and kind. Every time she appeared on screen viewers never knew what to expect.

In addition to being Canadian, this actress also boasts Greek citizenship, and had actually lived in Greece as a young child before her family immigrated to Canada. After her stint on Reign, Ordalis’ star has only continued to rise. She soon began a recurring part in the horror series, The Mist, as well as the Canadian show 19-2. Today, fans can find her on the hit teen show, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, playing the role of Ollie.

In the show’s first season Yael Grobglass’ character, Olivia D’Amencourt, was the future King Francis’ former lover. However, upon her return to court their relationship is briefly renewed, much to Mary’s dismay. At times she may have seemed like the quintessential “mean girl” trying to win back her ex-boyfriend, but as her storyline continued many viewers found themselves feeling a bit sorry for Olivia and her circumstances. While she may have only been on the show for seven episodes, fans revelled in the drama she brought to the show.

For this Israeli actress, Grobglass’ time on Reign helped provide invaluable exposure to international audiences. Since then, she has become well known in the field of television. While she has had guest roles on series such as Supergirl, what fans will most likely recognize her for is her lead role in the very popular show, Jane the Virgin, as Petra. While she largely keeps her personal life private, she has revealed that she continues to maintain her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Artem Kroupenev, an Israeli businessman.

Caitlin Stasey’s character, Lady Kenna de Poitiers, is another of Queen Mary’s ladies-in-waiting. In the beginning of the show, Kenna quickly falls under the spell of the King, and eventually becomes his mistress. Stasey’s character is loving and passionate, but at the same time she is impulsive and a bit selfish, which frequently led her to difficult situations. Exiting the show at the end of the second season to have General Renaude’s illegitimate child, this was a character that many fans longed to see return.

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In addition to her time on Reign, the Australian actress also gained a following from her part in the Australian show Please Like Me, playing the role of Claire. Many fans follow her on social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram, where she has garnered a reputation for being outspoken about her political and social beliefs. In 2016 she married actor Lucas Neff, and they are said to share many of the same opinions on politics, which lead to their relationship.