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iFaith is a very useful tool for people owning Apple devices running iOS. It is a jailbreaking tool which allows you to downgrade your current iOS install to something more suitable towards your needs such as jailbreaking and using the device you purchased the way you want to.

IOS是有史以來最好用的操作系統之一。但是,當您越獄或更新到最新的iOS版本時,您的iDevice可能會遇到麻煩。通常,您可以輕鬆地重新啟動或使用恢復模式進行修復,但是有些iOS錯誤非常棘手,您需要修復iOS系統才能擺脫它們。 Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro是最佳選擇。.

Before you upgrade to a newer version of iOS by installing an update, you can use iFaith to dump something called an 'SHSH Blob'. This gives you the opportunity to save the SHSH Blob to enable you to downgrade to a previous version of iOS or even to install older versions from sites distributing previous iOS versions.

The problem currently supports several different devices, most known are older iPhones and older iPads. Depending on the release, your phone or tablet may or may not be supported.

Reiboot is a Mac app that acts as an all-in-one system recovery tool for iOS that allows you to quickly and easily fix many common issues with old, out of date or malfunctioning devices. READ REVIEWS ON 9to5mac ReiBoot is a free tool that can fix many iOS device 'recovery mode' errors with a single click. READ REVIEWS ON TechAdvisor. Download Checkra1n iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, 5S & iPad ANY iOS Version Untethered Jailbreak Tool Download Checkra1n 0.12.2 for Mac OS – TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Tuneskit iOS System Recovery stability is among its most. Free UltFone iOS System Repair. UltFone iOS System Repair provides you an all-in-one solution to fix.

Overall though, iFaith is a simple program which isn't too difficult to use if you are interested in running older versions of the operating systems distributed by Apple for their portable devices. Very useful for iOS jailbreakers.

iFaith is software which can update phone firmware.

Features and highlights

  • Ability to boot into PwnedDFU mode
  • Save your SHSH blobs for later use
  • Ability to create custom firmware (IPSW files) that are stitched together with your SHSH blobs
  • Ties into its own caching server

iFaith 1.5.9 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from iphone tools without restrictions. iFaith 1.5.9 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. As an open source project, you are free to view the source code and distribute this software application freely.

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Often times, iPhone users encounter challenges with their devices. The challenges, in this case, differ and can be anything from errors in firmware to simple device-related issues. Firmware issues can be quite annoying. Imagine dealing with a phone that is stuck in recovery mode or one that restarts endlessly. Fortunately, there are products that are developed to specifically deal with such issues.

The ReiBoot program, for example, is a Tenorshare product designed to help repair iOS devices. With a single click of a button, this program lets you enter and exit recovery mode. That said it is important to note that the program also comes with its fair share of limitations. It often crashed when people are trying to use it, according to reports from many users. This is where Tenorshare ReiBoot alternatives come in. These work just like the ReiBoot program but they maybe more suitable in certain circumstances.

Below we discuss 6 of the best alternatives to Tenorshare ReiBoot in the current market.

#1. TunesKit iOS System Recovery [Hot]
#2. Joyoshare UltFix
#3. iMyFone Fixppo
#4. Dr.Fone - Repair
#5. FoneLab iOS System Recovery
#6. Apple iTunes

#1. TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Tuneskit iOS System Recovery stability is among its most outstanding feature of any iOS recovery software you can find. This awesome software can fix a wide range of iOS system errors such as a black screen problem, a white screen problem, a starting loop problem, and Apple logo problem among others. It helps that the Tuneskit iOS System Recovery program is compatible with all the latest iPhone versions, including the latest iOS 14. It also works on both Windows and Mac.

The program is designed to fix any common iOS system issues you may experience fast and efficiently without tampering with your data. This means that you can fix any problem with your iOS without losing that data on your iOS device. Recovery takes a few minutes and as long as you follow the right steps, you will have your phone running perfectly in no time at all.

The Tuneskit user interface is user-friendly. Everything from installation to system recovery is straightforward and you can use it with limited to no technical knowledge. All these features definitely come at a price but this iOS recovery program is worth every penny and so much more. And it is thus a great alternative to Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

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#2. Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery

This Joyoshare UltFix iOS system recovery software is one of the most popular Tenorshare ReiBoot alternatives available in the market today. It can repair a wide range of iOS system errors such as frozen screen, looping restart, Apple logo, your iPhone stuck in the recovery mode and your device bricked among others. It has the ability to fix your device without tampering your data on the device. It also has the one-click recovery mode enter/exit feature which makes it quite easy to use. It is compatible with a wide range of iOS systems including the latest version of iOS 12. The only shortcoming reported by users of this software is that the free version is equipped with very few features which make it impossible for many to test it before actually buying the premium version.

Reiboot Ios

#3. iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Often referred to as the most effective iOS repair tool, this iMyFone Fixppo creation comes with numerous features that set it apart and earn it a place among the best tools in this sector. For one, this program helps resolve many iOS related issues and the good thing is that users do not have to lose their data after using it. It is also user-friendly and you can use it even if you have no previous experience in the same. It helps that the program comes with a professional support team and you can easily get the help you want in case you get stuck when trying to fix your iPhone issues.

The iMyFone iOS system is reasonably priced when compared to the ReiBoot program. The free version also offers more options to the user. Once you get the Pro version, you also get a lifetime of updates and 30-day money-back guarantee in case the system does not deliver as promised.

#4. Dr.Fone - Repair

This amazing iOS system recovery program by Wondershare has been noted for its efficiency in solving many different types of iPhone iOS errors such as your device black screen, iTunes connection error, error 4013 and device activation error among others. The software is quite easy to use and guarantees you that no data will be lost during the system recovery process. It is also compatible with all the latest iOS versions, making it perfect for anyone with more than one Apple devices. The only problem with the system is that some users have reported that it may fail to recognize an iOS device at times. It may also fail to exit or enter the recovery mode on the first trial.

#5. FoneLab iOS System Recovery

Reiboot Ios Crack

The FoneLab iOS System Recovery is one of the most recommended iOS system recovery software by experts. This system recovery tool can fix a wide range of iOS problems on your device such as a white screen on your iPhone, Apple logo, and starting error among others. It is quite effective when you want to repair your iOS system without losing important data on your device. The program is designed to effectively solve a wide range of iOS issues without tampering with your data. It is easy to use and it is also quite efficient and fast in its action. The main shortcoming is that the program is not yet compatible with the latest iOS versions.


Reiboot Ios 11

#6. Apple iTunes

Reiboot Ios 13

The last alternative to Tenorshare Reiboot on the list is iTunes developed by Apple Inc. iTunes is a media player, media library and mobile device management utility as well. If your iPhone has some problems like freezing or stopS responding, etc. you can use iTunes to fix them. This tool will help you reinstall the iOS software and restore your device to its default settings. By doing so, your iOS issues can be fixed. On the other hand, the data on your iPhone will be a risk. This is because restoring software will delete all the information and settings on the device. That's the reason why I recommend it in the last. So don't forget to back up your data whenever you want to use iTunes to fix iOS problems.


Reiboot Is It Safe

These are six of the best Tenorshare ReiBoot alternatives. In case you cannot use the ReiBoot program for whatever reason, these alternatives will in most cases fix those iPhone cases that cannot be fixed in any other way. Whether your phone is stuck on reboot or you have an iOS upgrade error, any of these programs will fix that problem for you. Go through the list and you can be guaranteed that you will find one that meets your needs and also falls squarely within your budget. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is highly recommended here as it has helped numerous users repair various iOS problems while maintaining all the data on their devices.

Reiboot For Iphone

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