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Direct mail, which includes print newsletters, also resonates with consumers in a way that email simply does not. According to marketing firm Epsilon Targeting’s Consumer Channel Preference Study, direct mail continues to deliver as consumers’ preferred means of receiving marketing messages from brands. Creating a real estate newsletter doesn’t have to be difficult. With countless attractive real estate newsletter templates already created, and innumerable email marketing services offering ready-made newsletter themes, it’s pretty simple. The tricky part is sorting through them all to find the best options for both online and print.

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This article was last updated on September 1, 2020


Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards

Real estate industry has been one of the fastest growing industries for the past century. Such growth wouldn’t be possible without the help of marketing tools and mediums including also email marketing. In today’s post, we share with you 10 well-done real estate email newsletter examples.

If you are involved in the real estate industry, these examples of email newsletters will certainly fuel you with ideas to impress your audience and increase your profits. Let’s begin!

1. Real Estate Email Newsletter by Redfin

A neat, symmetrical, well-arranged template which pleases the eye. Redfin sets a good example with their real estate newsletter template. They use one primary call-to-action button that draws the eye and 4 other secondary options below the fold.

2. Smith & Berg Partners’ Email Newsletter

This real-estate agency bet on big attractive full-width images with a single call-to-action for each section. Besides showing great offers for real estates in their newsletter, Smith & Berg Partners also include useful location personalized tips and advice to bring even more value to their recipients.

3. Short Real Estate Email Campaign by Trulia

A very successful campaign by Trulia which engages their target audience. Such a campaign is, in fact, a survey presented as a fun quiz. The recipients have to choose which property they prefer when presented with two equally priced options. In result, the recipients have had fun while engaging with the brand, and the brand has received valuable information about each clients’ taste.

4. Newsletter Focused on Sharing by Zillow

This real estate email newsletter presents a great idea. Zillow reminds their recipients about the offers they had checked out and prompts users to share each offer with friends. By receiving positive comments from friends, the recipient may become more inclined to purchase. In addition, this strategy also increases the brand awareness for the recipient’s friends.

5. Personalized Newsletter by Zillow.

Zillow are just masters of real estate email newsletter examples. In this one, they sent recipients highly personalized suggestions based on what the user was looking for. In addition, they offered 3 secondary options – topics related to the main one.

6. Weekly Newsletter by Zillow

If you still haven’t been impressed with Zillow’s real estate newsletters, this one may change your mind. A weekly email called “Trending This Week” which brings fun, interesting selection of content to Zillow’s subscribers. We definitely love the layout and the selection of photos.

7. Real Estate Newsletter by Chris McGuire Keller Knapp Realty

A well-arranged newsletter template with a good structure. Firstly, the real estate agency presents you with interesting news and two available options to click through. Then, they have a featured real estate property, and finally – a teaser of what to expect.

8. Monthly Newsletter for Real Estate Agents by PremierAgent

Some real estate email newsletter examples are quite long but if they are easily scannable, length is not a problem. This is the case with the email newsletter by PremierAgent, loaded with so much useful information and tips.

9. Handpicked Listings Newsletter by Blue Elephant Realty

A great idea is to put one big call-to-action button in the beginning of your real estate newsletter leading to all offers, just like Blue Elephant Realty did. Then, present all handpicked listings in a neat, well-arranged layout, so the user is able to focus on each offer.

10. Newsletter Announcement by Sotheby’s International Realty

The following newsletter example shows just one property offer and announces open house hours. Such a newsletter could be sent often than once a week. The choice of pictures is also of extreme importance. Choose them high-resolution and attractive just like the example by Sotheby’s International Realty.

Ready to impress your recipients?

Real Estate Newsletter Direct Mail

We truly hope this collection of real estate email newsletter examples gave you some great ideas to impress your target audience. We’d be more than happy to enrich this collection with even more real estate email newsletter examples, so if you’d like to tune in, we’ll be waiting for your comments below.

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