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Direct mail can be an excellent marketing method for agents.

Here is a list of 4 bullet points to follow when crafting a direct mail campaign:

Direct mail can be an incredible tool for real estate investors. Learn how to use direct mail marketing campaigns to find real estate investment properties. The brilliant examples of direct mail marketing campaigns are just some of the reasons to employ direct mail when targeting your consumers. We offer several services for your company – including direct mail design and personalised direct mail – and can advise you on the best options for your business, just get in touch with one of our experts. If you’re working in real estate, you need different communication options. Sometimes, a quick phone call is easiest. Other times, you want to talk face-to-face. RingCentral gives you that flexibility—and even lets you create tasks and events for yourself and your teammates. For example, to follow up on a direct mail campaign.

> Target a specific niche and target a specific audience

> Make an impact with images & large headline or question

> Simple & concise – One simple message and one clear offer

> Have A clear 'CALL TO ACTION' with an 'OFFER'

The last point may be the most important. A direct mailer (or any marketing) that fails with this last point can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.

Example of weak call-to-action?

Nothing but a 'CALL ME' message on the mailer.

Example of a strong call-to-action'?

See example below.


Keep in mind, the best results on your direct mail campaigns happens when you:

  1. Have a clear 'CALL TO ACTION'
  2. Target a specific niche

Below I have an excellent exampleof how to use direct mail to build your brand and generate leads. This example is used by one of the most successful agents in Los Angeles (500+ home sales).

This example covers all of the bullet points listed above. It targets a specific audience, its concise, uses imagery well, poses an opening question to grab attention, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, has an offer and clear call-to-action.

This direct mail is integrated with a 'real estate squeeze page'.

It offers a 'Home Value Report' and boldly displays the domain name of a lead capture page. This call-to-action sends traffic directly to page designed to capture leads (AKA 'real estate squeeze page')

This setup with direct mail integrated with the squeeze page results in a higher conversion rate than a direct mail campaign that simply has the 'CALL ME' call-to-action.

NOTE: I removed the actual domain from screenshot to prevent false leads

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

The Realtor used a unique domain with a 'Home Value' squeeze page. The domain had the farming area in it (In this case the city of San Pedro).

Real Estate Direct Mail Examples

This Realtor uses multiple domains and squeeze pages with highly targeted domains (memorable) and matches them with direct mail to that area. In other words, it speaks directly to the recipient of the direct mail.

To see more about using direct mail and live examples of effective lead capture pages visit:

See This Live Example

Real estate direct mail templates

This page above has a link to this live examples of a real estate squeeze page that works with this type of direct mail campaign.

QUESTION: Do You Need Real Estate Squeeze Pages?

If you're interested in converting website visitors into leads then, YES!, you do need squeeze pages.

It is a marketing FACT that the use of effective squeeze pages generates more leads for a business (including your real estate business).

So why not use them?


Too difficult?

Too time consuming?

Too costly?

It doesn't have to be when using postAprop.

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To generate leads and attract new clients, real estate agents need a way to introduce themselves and keep in touch. Prospecting letters have long been an important part of real estate marketing. Many agents, though, find themselves at a loss as to what they should say.

Prospecting Letter Templates

Does Direct Mail Work For Realtors

Fortunately, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to target buyers or sellers and win new clients, there are plenty of letter templates out there from which to choose.

  • Buyer-Neighborhood – Let neighborhood residents know that a buyer is looking for a property in their area; ask if they’re interested in selling their home.
  • Buyer-Interest – Inform people that pre-qualified buyers are ready to buy and are interested in their neighborhood.
  • Expired Listing – Did sellers let their listing expire? Let them know you’re interested in meeting with them to go over a unique approach that will improve their chances of a sale.
  • Buyer-Condo – Ask condo owners if they’ve considered selling their home to interested buyers.

These pre-designed prospecting letter templates make it easy to up your real estate marketing game. Simply add your photo, company logo, signature, and other information such as disclaimers. And they come with a QR code and PURL for online lead generation.

Direct Mail Campaign Real Estate


Here are other items you might want to include in your customized letters:

Best Direct Mail For Realtors

  • Calls to action, such as a request to contact you or an invitation to check out your website and current listings. Another smart strategy is to offer prospects something of value, like a free comparative market analysis.
  • Statistics that are relevant to your area.
  • A “P.S.” at the bottom of your letter may be the only thing a recipient reads! Put the most important message you wish to convey there.

Real Estate Direct Mail Examples Templates

Use prospecting letter templates to help you list more homes, serve more buyers, and stay in touch with clients. Make them an essential element of your real estate marketing strategy and watch your business grow accordingly.