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The Crime of the Century Lyrics from Ragtime musical. Song lyrics to Broadway show. Soundtrack listing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crime of the Century is the third studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in September 1974 on A&M Records.

RAGTIME Crime of the Century” I think what I really like about this production is something far-removed from the choreography. The base structure of the set is very interesting. It’s almost reminiscent of. Boardwalk Empire. A tiny bit off from our era, but it’s close. The Crime of the century Crime of the century Not such an awful thing EVELYN: Stanny's killed But my mother's thrilled. Original Broadway Cast of Ragtime: The Musical.

Ragtime is a musical with a book by Terrence McNally, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, and music by Stephen Flaherty. The music includes marches, catwalks, gosepel and ragtime and the production is mostly sung-through.


  • 'And although the newspapers called the shooting the Crime of the Century, Goldman knew it was only 1906'
    '...and there were 94 years to go!'
  • 'But what of the people who stay where they're put,
    Planted like flowers with roots underfoot?
    I know some of those people have hearts that would rather
    Go journeying on the sea.'
    • Mother
  • 'There was a time
    Our happiness seemed never-ending
    I was so sure
    That where we were heading was right
    Life was a road
    So certain and straight and unbending
    Our little road
    With never a cross road in sight
    Back in the days
    When we spoke in civilized voices
    Women in white
    And sturdy young men at the oar
    Back in the days
    When I let you make all my choices...
    We can never go back to before '
  • 'Two men finding, for a moment, in the darkness,
    They're the same.'
    • Father and Tateh
  • 'You and your music, singing deep within me, making nice to me, saying something so new. Play that melody, your sweet melody, calling my heart to you.'
    • Sarah
  • 'He wanted to say, I am sick of the injustices. He wanted to say, give me something to believe! In my sould I am your brother, we are bound to one another, angered by the darkness in light, and the lies we perceive.'
    • Emma
  • 'And her words rang out
    like arrows
    and they pierced him.
    He felt flushed and
    overheated as a boy
    as she filled and
    overwhelmed him
    with a fierce and sudden joy!'
    • Mother's Younger Brother

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  • 'This is not the America he came here for. None of us did. None of us!'
  • 'In the gutters of the city
    I have tried to find some meaning
    In the arms of fallen women
    In the thought of suicide
    Like a firework, unexploded,
    Wanting life but never knowing how...'
  • 'And say to those who blame us for the way we chose to fight
    That sometimes there are battles that are more than black or white
    And Icould not put down my sword when justice was my right.'
  • 'There are people out there
    Unafraid of revealing
    That they might have a feeling
    Or they might have been wrong
    There are people out there
    Unafraid to feel sorrow
    Unafraid of tomorrow
    Unafraid to be weak..
    Unafraid to be strong!'
  • 'With guns and dynamite, you are destroying everything I have fought for, sir.'
  • 'Your situation is hopeless. And you will be responsible for the death of these young men.'
  • 'You can't change your demands. You are betraying us. You said we would all go free or we all would die!'
  • 'Then they will see me come out with my hands raised, and no further harm will come to any man from Coalhouse Walker, Jr.'

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Ragtime Crime Of The Century

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Broadway production 1998
Ragtime the Musical - The Crime of the Century Lyrics


'The Crime of the Century' is a song from musical Ragtime performed by Evelyn Nesbit and Company.
And now, testifying for the defense, Miss Evelyn Nesbit.
La la la la
La la la la la
La la la la
La la la la la
Your honor,
I was once the lady friend of Stanford White.
He's the famous architect!
Yes, that's right.
He put me on a velvet swing,
And made me wear... well... hardly anything!
Ruined at the age of fifteen,
Your honor!
Then I went a married Mr. Harry Thaw...
Eccentric millionaire.
Oh! Oh!
Harry's a jealous man.
Bang! Bang!
That was the end of Stan.
Boo hoo!
Your honor, be fair!
My Harry went crazy, I swear!
La la
La la la
Now it's the
Crime of the Century!
Crime of the Century!
Giving the world a thrill!
Harry's in trouble
And Stanny's in heaven
Ane Evelyn is in Vaudeville!
The Crime of the Century!
Crim if the Century!
All for a youthful fling.
Fortune fame
And a ruined name!
And now I'm the girl on the swing!
Mother's Younger Brother was in love with Evelyn Nesbit.
From his regular seat in the front row of the second balcony,
he would lean far over the railing, hoping his goddess would notice him.
One night he almost he almost fell. Evelyn caught sight of him and smiled.
Life was suddenly full of delicious possibilities.
Oh! Oh!
Harry must not be hung!
Let's have that verdict sung!
Boo hoo!
Your honor we find
That Harry's not guilty...
My Harry's not guilty!
'Cause Harry is out of his mind.
And it's the Crime of the Century
Crime of the Century
Making the world go 'whee'!
Harry's in trouble
And Stanny's in heaven
And Evelyn gets publicity!
The Crime of the Century,
Crime of the Century,
Not such an awful thing-
Stanny's killed,
But my mother's thrilled
'Cause now I'm the girl on the...
Now she's the girl on the...
Now I'm the girl...
On the swing!

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Ragtime the Musical The Crime of the Century Lyrics

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