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Ragtime originated in African American music in the late 19th century and descended from the jigs and march music played by African American bands, referred to as 'jig piano' or 'piano thumping'. By the late 1880s march-patrols for the minstrel stage with syncopated, ragtime-like rhythms were being published in New York, and blackface minstrels in various parts of the country were syncopating songs in a ragtime manner. The conception that ragtime was associated with black culture became an underlying cause of much opposition to the music. Ragtime was also a modification of the march style popularized by John Philip Sousa, with additional polyrhythms coming from African music. One of the most common benchmarks used as a tempo reference, even in the rags of Scott Joplin, is that of March Tempo. Marches tend to be brisk, and are typically in the 110 to 125 b.p.m. Range (using quarter notes in a 2/4 measure for metronomic reference).

AllAmerican Ragtime Midi files sequenced by Truman L. Jayneand others.

Bernie's MIDI's This site provides fingerpicking (fingerstyle), flatpicking etc. acoustic/electric MIDI Ragtime, Country, Bluegrass etc. music guitar tunes sequenced by 'The Guitar Guy', Bernie Schemitsch.

Bienvenuechez Jean-Claude Boudrant Ragtime and stride pianist at Disneyland-Parissince1992

BlueGrass and Ragtime This site by Hamish Davidson of Yinnar,Victoria - Australia has his original midi files

TheGreenfield Bowie Piano PageThis web site features midi sequences of compositions by GreenfieldBowie, a pianist and music composer from Austin, Texas, USA.

CornucopiaConcert Band This is a Seattle based band that plays music of circa1890-1930. The site includes *.WAV files that can be downloaded.

DECOY'sScott Joplin Page This page by David Coy contains nearly50 Joplin pieces sequenced by David and others.

Perfessor'Bill Edwards This site features 'Perfessor' Bill Edward midi sequencesof classic ragtime, marches, and his own compositions. Site contains over100 midi files plus original sheet music covers. Scope of music includesgeneral and rare piano rags, classic rags, ragtime songs, pre-ragtime marches,blues, stomps, novelty piano, contemporary ragtime etc. Site also includesragtime. old-time definitions and history, playing tips, section on creatingmidi sequences, and composer biographies etc.

Jazz marching band

This site has mainly jazz and stride midi files with a few ragtimepieces. Site also has ragtime and jazz piano rolls and CDs for sale.

Gary'sRagtime Midi Site Includes midi files and also special pagesfor Scott Joplin's opera TremonishaHome Page and midi sequences and original advertising blurbs forthe heart of the Stark classic ragtime catalog on the JohnStark and Son Page.

EdHobbs' WebsiteThe BANDSTAND section of this web site featuresclassic ragtime midi sequences. For Cakewalk users it also includes Cakewalk.CAL utilities.

Irwin'sMidi Page This web site is maintained by Irwin Schwartzand has midi files on ragtime, stride, and novelty piano.

Ragtime march form

ScottJoplin (1868-1917) A teenager's site devoted to Scott Joplin ismaintained by Russell Warne. The site has over fifty MIDI files.

Welcometo the Scott Joplin HomepageThis page is maintained by NathanCranford. The page dedicated to Scott Joplin. Included is a nearlycomplete MIDI library of Scott Joplin's songs.

Keeper'slong-lost MIDI files This site is maintained by Ron O'Dell.It contains ragtime sequences including his ragtime compositions plus selectionshe has sequenced from Scott Joplin's opera Treemonisha. Some non-ragtimepieces are included.

TheStefan T. Lund Ragtime Parlor This site includes ragtimemidi arrangements by Stefan T. Lund.

OlegMezjuev's Swedish Ragtime Home Page This page is maintained byOlegMezjuev and contains contemporary Swedish ragtime compositions writtenby Peter Andersson, Sune 'Sumpen' Borg, Ragnar Hellspong, Peter Lundberg,Oleg Mezjuev and Kjell H. Waltman.. Some classical rags are also includedhere, several of them sequenced by Kalle Johnsson, a young ragtimefan from Stockholm. Also included are the contemporary ragtime compositionswritten by David Thomas Roberts and William M. Shockley andan International Rag Section. This site contains examples of TerraVerde.

The MonroviaSound Studio features the music of Ferd 'Jelly Roll' Morton- Joseph Lamb - James Scott and other notable Ragtime, Blues and HotPiano performers. The site is maintained by Mike Meddings. From Mike's personal collection, you will discover some interesting letters,photographs and other historic documents associated with Ragtime. As wellas Midi files arranged and sequenced by Warren Trachtman - Irwin Schwartz- 'Perfessor' Bill Edwards and Mike Meddings, the site features articleson J. Lawrence Cook - Eubie Blake and recently discovered factsabout Ferd 'Jelly Roll' Morton, documented by eminent scholarly researchersincludingLaurie Wright, Professor Lawrence Gushee, Michael Montgomery,Roger Richard, James Dapogny, Horace Spear M.D. and others.

PrimelineMidi Library The URL for this site has been changed but was notannounced on the Ragtime Newsgroup. This site is maintained as a publicservice by Primeline Chemical Systems of Moses Lake, Washington. The sitecontains both classical and ragtime music midi files. As of 10/25/96, therewere 313 ragtime sequences. The main ragtime sequencers are John Cowles,Mary Haley, Warren Trachtman, Oleg Mezjuev, and R. J. Stratton.This site also has very informative notes about various pieces that youcan pop up.

TheRagtime Centennial Show The site is maintained by Rich Cromie andincludes his compositions. Through narrative, anecdotes and piano selections(made available here as MIDI files), The Ragtime Centennial Show tracesragtime through its formative period, focusing primarily on the works ofThe King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin. Sheet music and a cassette recordingare available for sale. A special treat is Rich's composition Sueand Howards Wedding Patrol dedicated to Sue Keller and Howard Vigorita.

Jazz March Of The Toys

RagtimeExtravaganza This site is maintained by Martin Spitznageland most of the midi files on this site are performed by him and his goodfriend Bill McNally. Included are original compositions by Martin.

Leragtime Francais Thissite is maintained by Benjamin Intartaglia and includes ragtime midifiles of his compositions and other French ragtime composers. Site is inFrench but just click on the the listing under Composition in the tableof contents.

RagtimePress Midi Music Archive This site is maintained by Ragtime Presswhich was founded by Sue Keller. Take a good look at this site -it has a wealth of information plus some great ragtime piano playing. Thereare nearly 100 midi files performed by Sue Keller. A calendar of comingevents is maintained. Check out the site index where the rags are listedalphabetically by title and composer.

TheRagtime MIDI Libraries of John Roache This is the site of the late John Roache who was a pharmacistand musician in Torrance, CA. The site has classical and contemporaryragtime and 1920-40 swing and stride piano midi files.

WaltE. Smith's Midi Page This site features ragtime midi pianosolos by May Aufderheide, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Mark Janza, ArtieMatthews, Jay Roberts and Percy Wenrich.

TheMusic of Gary Thompson This site includes original ragtime andwaltz compositions by Gary Thompson. When you load the web site,click on Art and Music Gallery to get to the sequences.

WarrenTrachtman's Ragtime MIDI PageWarren Trachtman's site featureshis sequences of Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly Roll Mortonand Eubie Blake. In addition there are sequences of other composers. Someof the files are available only by E-Mail.

Ragtime Marches

SakaeWatanabe's Ragtime MIDI FilesSite contain nearly 150 midifiles. Rags are listed by composer.

W(m).M.'s Ego Tripper Music Page This page has midi files of rags byWilliam M. Shockley.

OtherRelated Sites

Of the following sites, the West Coast Ragtime Society is the best place togo for ragtime calendars and links to ragtime organizations, vendors,performers, and publications as well as information on their annual ragtimefestival.

Imperial March Ragtime

Betty'sMIDI PageBetty Kainz is a transplanted Texan living in Vienna, Austria. Althoughthis is not a ragtime site, it does contain valuable information on midifiles. I have listed it here because it has an excellent tutorial on Cakewalksoftware that she has developed.

Historic AmericanMusic Collection At Duke University This site has an extensivecollection of early music scores which may be downloaded for no charge.

Jazz March Frank Bencriscutto

Lester S. LevyCollection at John Hopkins UniversityThis site has a larger earlyAmerican music collection than Duke University. Music copyrighted prior to 1923may be downloaded for no charge.

SutterCreek Ragtime Festival The site has information on this festival whichis held the second weekend of August in Sutter Creek, California

Ragtime and marches

WestCoast Ragtime Society The Society has a first class ragtime festival theweekend prior to Thanksgiving in Sacramento, California. The site also hasragtime calendars, and various ragtime links.

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