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Submission of Oral Presentation ONLY


If your presentation file is larger than 20 MB, please email your presentation to Karl Malcolm ([email protected]) using the QUB DropBox facility: Upload oral presentation. Indicates required field. Please enter the claim id and claim passcode. Claim ID: Claim Passcode: Pick-up Files. Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork – so you can focus on the things that matter. Sign in and put your creative energy to work. You are required to adhere to the University's 'Computer Resources - Acceptable Use Policy' and other related data and information security policies.

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Online submission form for oral presentations
All oral presentations will be presented online via Zoom, with you (the speaker) presenting slides from your own computer/device. However, we also encourage speakers to send a copy of their presentation to UKICRS via this online form, to allow us to present your slides during the Zoom meeting in the event of any technical glitch at your end.
The online form right is for speakers to submit their FINAL presentation. Presentation files can be uploaded in Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx), Keynote (.key) or PDF (.pdf) formats.
For large files only (>20 MB)
If your presentation file is larger than 20 MB, please email your presentation to Karl Malcolm ([email protected]) using the QUB DropBox facility: https://dropbox.qub.ac.uk

Hinode is a solar satellite funded jointly by JAXA, NASA, ESA and STFC/UKSA that has entered its ninth year of operations. It has had a major impact across many areas of solar physics and facilitated many fundamental discoveries. These findings are documented in over 850 papers in the refereed literature and hundreds of papers in conference proceedings. With 96 refereed publications in 2013 and more than 81 papers in 2014, Hinode has remained scientifically highly productive. A non-exhaustive list indicates over 100 students globally who are undertaking or have completed PhDs using Hinode data. With the Solar Orbiter on the horizon, there is a good chance that the two missions will operate at the same time. The meeting will help the solar physics community to maximise the science return from the Orbiter.

The Hinode 9 meeting will comprise of 8 main sessions over four days (September 14 - September 17). The 5th day, September 18, will be dedicated to the Solar-C mission proposed jointly by JAXA, NASA and ESA.

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Queen's Riddel Hall - our venue in the heart of South Belfast. QUB photo.