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You can use QQ International only if you have an account. The QQ account grants you access to a whole ecosystem of services and products by Tencent. The account is offered free of charge, just make sure you abide to our Terms of Service.

QQ Registration linkOnce done with the registration, kindly install the QQ appHow to install and use QQ:.QQ Application. If you have forgotten your account password and are unable to log in WeChat via linked mobile number, email address, QQ ID or Facebook, you can follow the instructions below to retrieve your WeChat account: 1) Tap Unable to log In? At the bottom of WeChat login.

Sign Up With Your Mobile

You can use your mobile phone or Facebook account: if you have downloaded QQ International for Android or iOS/iPhone then you just need to launch the app, tap on “Sign Up” in the lower part of the login screen and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sign Up On Web

Go to //reg.imqq.com/ and make sure you follow all instructions and fill-in all forms. An activation email will be sent to the email address you provide and you will need to click on the link in the email to activate your account. Please note that the activation link is only valid for 24 hours, and that you might need to check your spam folder.

After you’ve clicked the link, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This contains your your QQ account number. It is very important that you save your QQ number even if you choose to use your email as your primary QQ credential because you will need the QQ ID to retrieve password or for solving eventual security issues.

If later on you cannot find your QQ number you simply need to perform a search on your mailbox (the one you used to signup!) with the string “[email protected]” and you’ll probably find the original email we’ve sent you.

In today’s WeChat Essential Tip, brought to you by China Channel, we will cover WeChat music. Not only is it really easy to search for, listen to and share music in WeChat all in English but WeChat also has a built-in music identification service similar to Shazam. We’ll break today’s post into 3 parts:

  • How to search for and listen to music in WeChat
  • How to share music and how to listen to music when offline in WeChat
  • How to activate WeChat’s hidden Shazam service

How to search for and listen to music in WeChat
One of the most popular ways to share music on WeChat is through QQ音乐 (QQ Music). You can download their app by searching on the app store or similar Chinese android market. You can also simply add their WeChat official account (WeChat ID: qqmusic). Let’s look at the official account first.

Once you are in the account, simply tap the keyboard icon to in the bottom left and then type in the song or artist you want to hear.

Qq Id In Wechat

Late 80’s euro dance classics, that’s what we need right now. Clicking on one of the options brings up the song page.

Tap the play icon to play the song. Tap the big green button to download the song. To download you will have install the QQ music app.

How to share music and how to listen to music when offline in WeChat
Sharing or saving the song to your moments is easy. Tap the top right hand corner to see the options.

Unfortunately once you exit from the song page, the song will stop playing. The same can be said for shared links to the song on your moments. The second they exit the page the song will stop playing.

However, if you download and share music using the QQ Music App, the music will continue to play while you perform other tasks like checking moments or sending messages. A message may appear at the top of your timeline.

Qq id wechat sign up

Sharing music through the app leads to a better user experience. When playing a song in the QQ Music App, select this icon (below) to share on WeChat.

In this screenshot you can clearly see the difference between sharing music through the Official Account (located above) and through the App (located below).

Sharing a song from the app to either you moments or your favorites (see this post for more info on WeChat’s free cloud storage) has an added benefit: you can listen to the song offline as it is now stored on the device.

Qq Id Wechat

How to activate WeChat’s hidden Shazam service
WeChat has an inbuilt music identification service that works the same as Shazam. In order to access it however you will need to switch your phone’s language to Chinese. To do this go to ‘Me’ then ‘Settings’

Then ‘General’ then ‘Language’, and finally change (简体中文) as shown in the picture.

Now go to ‘Discover’ (发现), and ‘Shake’ (摇一摇). Usually in English there is only two options here ‘People’ or ‘TV’, but when you switch to Chines a third option of ‘Song’ appears in the middle.

Select ‘Song’ (歌曲) and shake your phone while a song is playing. It works the same way as Shazam.

Next time you hear a song you like, open WeChat, shake your phone to discover the track and then save it to your ‘WeChat Favorites’ to listen to it offline later. No payments or Apps to download. The song is stored in the cloud for you to access from any mobile device.

To turn your phone back to it’s English settings, select 我 (wo), then 设置 (she zhi), then 通用 (tong yong), then 多语音 (duo yu yin).


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