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Quarterly Connection was founded in April of 2012. Realizing that, since the birth of the Internet, the Direct Mail Industry was lacking a good, honest way for people to make a good honest income working from home, a group of Professional Marketers and Entrepreneurs put their heads together and came up with something new and different. Direct Mail Companies in Marietta on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Direct Mail Advertising in Marietta, GA.


When you hand over the responsibility for your direct mail campaign to an external service provider, it’s normal to feel a twinge of concern about whether the final product is going to meet your standards. Implementing a quality campaign takes close cooperation between you and the mailing house, and using this checklist of 5 ways to ensure quality control will help make the end result meet your professional standards.


1. Provide Comprehensive Information

One of the most difficult aspects of putting together a direct mail campaign is to ensure that every aspect of the offer is covered. The more information you can give the mailing house, the less likely they are to create an offer that doesn’t contain the most important aspects. Set up a brief that covers:

  • Details of the product or service
  • Benefits of its use
  • Branding elements, such as logo, images and pay-off lines
  • Special promo information, such as discounts available and timelines

Make sure the designers have everything they need to create a mailing that sells your offer effectively.

2. Review Creatives

Unless you’re a graphic designer yourself, don’t try and tell them how to design. Many a direct mail campaign has failed to deliver on its potential because non-marketing people insisted on using their own ideas in the creatives. Your mailing house uses designers that are trained in the techniques of grabbing attention, drawing the eye and capturing interest. Review the creative designs they produce for accuracy of information only, to ensure nothing has slipped through that could be wrong or give a false impression.

3. Check Prepress and First Proof

They aren’t called gremlins for nothing, and they get in everywhere. Even though printing no longer requires manual typesetting, it’s still possible for something to go wrong between the signed-off proof and the printing press, so make yourself available for signoff at both the prepress and first proof stages. This goes a long way towards reducing the time and frustration of having to redo something because a gremlin caused strange things to happen.

4. Get a Finished Sample

This is particularly important if your direct mail campaign makes use of a complex design that requires binding, folding or a high-gloss finish, for example. You wouldn’t sign off a repaint of your home without checking how it looks once it’s dry, would you? So why sign off a mailing without seeing how the finished article is going to look when it goes out to prospects? You may have an expectation of how it looks based on the specifications, when in fact what you have in mind may be impossible to fold and insert into mailing envelopes. By checking the finished sample before it goes out, you’ll know exactly what your prospects are going to be receiving.

Work with your mailing house to finalize and deliver the direct mail campaign in the projected time line and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the quality is every bit as good as it should be.

QC Direct Mail is a USPS certified Full Service Mail Provider. You worked hard to get your message just right, poured over your data to ensure that you are reaching the right audience, and you want to make sure that your mailing partner is as invested as you are. QC is that partner. Your success is our success and we work hard to prove that with every project. QC has certified Mailing Specialists on staff. Every job is examined to make sure we are meeting every USPS regulation and analyzing your mailing to maximize your postage dollars.

Qc Direct Mail

QC produces your project in our expansive 50,000 sq. ft. production facility.

It all starts with the list. While the vehicle that carries your message is important, the mail must get to the right person to ensure that your marketing campaigns are successful. From purchasing lists, simple addressing to more complex personalized variable data mapping, QC has the software and the knowledge to make the most of your data. After briefly discussing your target customer, we will take care of the rest for you. Whether you are happy with your current customer base or need to attract new demographics, QC can deliver your message on time and to the right individual. QC’s data modeling expertise puts The World Within Reach.

QC’s expansive print department has the firepower to print your black-and-white projects as well as full color printing. We have top of the line digital printers that can print variable data on your existing preprinted shells, or our color printers can handle your piece from the ground up. QC’s print department specialists are fully trained in the most current software programs to handle your projects’ print specifications in addition to the variable data that supports it. If you need full color envelopes, we do that too. When it comes to printing, we have you covered.

Mail can take many forms – postcards, brochures, books, and letters. Sometimes, it entails fulfillment and distribution, which is much more than picking up a couple of items and boxing them up. We excel at fulfillment and distribution with two dedicated teams within this department. When your project consists of complex variable data pieces, combined with multiple items unique to each recipient, then rest assured QC can handle the project. Our fulfillment teams are fully trained mailing technicians who take pride in getting your products into your customers’ hands correctly and on time.

QC also specializes in business reply mail. If your program depends on securing leads for sales, we have a department dedicated solely to this process. QC currently processes tens of thousands of potential leads per month, resulting in reliable sales leads for our customers. Our daily trips to the post office ensure that your sales team has warm leads to review, pursue and capture new business.

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Qc Direct Mail Marietta Ga

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Qc Direct Mail

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