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LibreOffice portable version is created with a portabilizer system by PortableApps.com.With the last release I discover that the portabilizer system converts LibreOffice in a software that can't be executed from third parties launchers (SyMenu, Lupo PenSuite and who knows how many others).

LibreOffice is not directly responsible, but it is using a portabilizing system that intentionally bans free launchers others than the native one from PortableApps.com. And IMHO this is a protection system typical of the proprietary software. The result is that LibreOffice in its portable version is acting as a proprietary software.


To check my assertion read this bug I opened yesterday https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/s...

SyMenu, with its latest version, workarounded the ban so if you want to check the problem directly with the menu you have to use an earlier version (for example SyMenu 5.08).

To summarize the question is:

Portableapps Libreoffice Mac

is LibreOffice behaving correctly adopting a portabilizing software that makes it acts as a proprietary software? Is this behavior consistent with the LibreOffice license?

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