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There’s a popular notion that politicians don’t pay mind to what voters want. Seems like, once we vote them in, most of them are done with us…until the next election. Would it not be prudent and crucial to let them know what’s important to us while they’re making law?

Face-to-face meetings between voters and elected officials have significant impact. Emails, calls, and letters are all good, but the “Hello, how do you do?” in their Capitol office or in their home district carries much more weight.

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Now, there’s a couple of ways to approach this. One, come to the capitol with some friends to meet with your reps. Two, make a date with them for lunch in your home district to discuss the issues. Both are effective.

Visiting the Capitol

It’s best to call and make appointments with your Senators and Delegate in advance. At www.legis.state.wv.us/ you’ll find the contact info you need.

Your day may start by carpooling with friends you’ve invited to travel along to share in this exercise in democracy. Our state capitol, as grand and impressive as any, can be overwhelming and intimidating. Get over it. It’s our building and we belong in it!

Our lobbyists are Karan Ireland and Kayla Young. Please call or text Karan at 304-356-8774 prior to your arrival to arrange to meet for a briefing and guidance. They will do their best to give you the support you need to make your visit successful.

Here’s a bonus: this Tuesday, January 28th. A golden opportunity to mingle with fellow environmentalists from all over the state is at hand. Sponsored by WV Environmental Council, E-Day features groups from around the state, exhibits and speakers (https://wvecouncil.org/join-us-tuesday-for-e-day/). It could be a good day to get your feet wet. Following E-Day, join us at GREEN JAM, a block away from the Capitol at the Empty Glass, for food, live music and camaraderie.

Meeting With Your Legislator Closer to Home

Since not all folks are comfortable traveling to or able to visit the Capitol, why not have lunch with them at some hometown eatery on a weekend? Most legislators will graciously accept an invitation like this. It’s easy, informal and ripe for opening discussions that need to be had.

Meeting your Senators or Delegate may seem intimidating, but really, your legislators are people just like you. And they’re technically your employees. Although they don’t like to hear that. Don’t laugh. You pay them to be there. Be strong, be confident and above all, be courteous. And remember, you are not just one voter, but a member of a family of concerned voters, and a voice in your community.

It would mean so much if we could count on you to help the Environmental Council maximize its impact with an in-person visit to the Capitol this legislative session.If we want our voices to be a real power in the halls of the capitol, we’ve got to pack those halls on a regular basis. There’s no better time to do this than now!

Popular notion definition

Hey hey!

I am on post #24 of this 30 post challenge! That means only 6 more to go after you finish reading this one!

(Completely unrelated: I have had several people ask me how marathon training is going. Wellll….it’s going. Sorta. Training for a marathon is a HUGE time committment, and right now in our life is actually the perfect time. We don’t have kids, we both have steady and reliable jobs/hours and we are both young and healthy. However, it is still a HUGEEEEE time commitment, and we have found that something always seems to get in the way of those needed runs. I have been able to faithfully run my weekly “short” distances of 3-5 miles, but when I go on a “long” run, my brain totally shuts down. My body is fine. My brain says “na-uh. No wayyyyy are we running 14 miles today.” So if you think of that, pray for me as I train mentally for running the marathon. Otherwise, I feel healthier and fitter than I have in YEARS.)

(Also completely unrelated note: Today I got home from work and decided that instead of going on pinterest, I would make some things that I had pinned to pinterest. Right now I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures, but we ate almost everything I made. Like this banana bread. And these zucchini fry thing. And this chicken parmesan dinner. On top of that, I also made Kale chips (deeeliissshhh!!!) and homemade bread. I’m pooped.)

And now, finally…onto post #24: What popular notion do you think that the world has most wrong?

This one was not too hard for me to come up.


Specifically, that material wealth = happiness.

We work so hard, toiling to attention that ultimate goal. And what is that ultimate goal? A full bank account, a full stomach, a maid and a 4 car garage. And then what happens when death reaches our doorstep…because it does reach all doorsteps, whether rich or poor. I have seen everyone do this. Christian or non-Christian, American, European or African. Myself included.

But I have also seen those with the simplest things overflowing with abundant joy.

A woman who has no running water and therefore must carry the buckets…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buckets on her head..miles in the sun. Yet she is laughing and greeting her neighbors and truly happy.

A child playing with a corn husk, a rag wrapped tightly around the husk. To the child this corn husk is a precious doll. And they are happy with it.

No, poverty is not always a good thing. But there is this saying in Songhai: “He who has more rags has more lice.” Basically, he who has more stuff has more problems.

This popular notion also shows up all over my pinterest feed in these popular e-cards:

What do you think? What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?