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Connection Guide for PLEX + NetDrive + Cloud Storage

Plex Systems - Integrating with O365 in software - Dropbox Business The cloud manufacturing ERP company has doubled in employees in the last two years, using Dropbox Business to more easily collaborate across locations and devices. Plex Systems' Key Results Scalable and cost-effective IT architecture. Plex is emphasizing channels less and less lately, burying the option completely in the latest version of the Windows client. And a lot of the channels offered simply don’t work. In a way, this makes sense: most people use Plex on platforms like Apple TV or Roku, which offer their ways to watch content from major online providers.

1. Select Cloud Storage

Select Cloud Storage supported by NetDrive and use as your Media Storage.

Cloud Storage list supported by NetDrive

Plex Stream From Onedrive

  1. Google Drive/Shared Drive/Shared
  2. Dropbox
  3. Dropbox for Business
  4. OneDrive/Shared
  5. OneDrive for Business/Shared
  6. Box
  7. MEGA
  8. ucloud biz
  9. Yandex Disk
  10. Google Cloud Storage
  11. Amazon Web Service S3
  12. Azure Blob Storage
  13. Azure File Storage
  14. Swift
  15. Hubic
  16. Backblaze B2
  17. WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
  18. FTP/FTPS (File Transfer Protocol, FTP Secure)
  19. SFTP (SSH/Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  20. Wasabi
  21. filebase
  22. OpenStack
  23. 4Shared
  24. CloudMe

  • Google Drive set up configuration (This guide will explain with Google Drive sample case).

2. Get ready and configure the media resource

Connect Onedrive To Plex

Configure folder structure and file name applying Plex naming rule.


TV Show
Plex stream from dropboxPlex


3. Connect NetDrive and Cloud Storage

In NetDrive app, create Drive Item which connects to Media Storage and then mount to the PC.

Use your own Google API key when using Google Drive. (Since NetDrive users basically use the same Google Drive API provided by NetDrive, it is recommended to register your own Google API key when high-speed streaming needed).
How to create and register your own Google API Key

4. Install Plex Media Server

Join Plex in website and download/install Plex Media Server to your PC.
Run Media Server and then go to “Add Library” to add Media Storage path which was mounted to your PC using NetDrive.

  • Router port forwarding needed when inaccessible on the internet.
    It can be proceeded by manually setting up the port number in “Remote Access” field of Plex Media Server and then typing in the port which was manually set up in router port forwarding.

5. Run Media

Set up is completed. Now select any media from Plex Client Software and run.
From the following link, download which optimally fits to your device environment and then install.

Run Plex Client Software and login. You can check the media file list in Library path.
Select your favorite media and play.