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Solo mail is a stand-alone direct mail postcard that showcases your business and is delivered to highly targeted lists as an individual piece of mail. This is the traditional direct mail postcard that people are very familiar with and arrives in everyone’s mailbox.

Piedmont direct mail greensboro ncPiedmont
  • Piedmont Direct Mail is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1992. Owner, Mary McIver takes great pride in providing first class service with first-rate savings. We offer a wide variety of printing (variable data and static). We also offer design, mail list, and data management including data mining and mapping.
  • One such “champion” is Mary McIver, Owner of Piedmont Direct Mail. At first, Piedmont turned to a mail tracking and reporting “service,” as McIver called it. “That was horrible! We learned a great deal from the experience but the main takeaway was that no tracking service will ever provide results for every mail piece 100% of the time.

Understanding Targeted Mailing

Targeted mailing lists are created using data mining techniques. The effectiveness of a targeted mailing list is dependent on the validity of the data and ability of your list provider to leverage that data. The better the data, and the better the list provider is at manipulating it, the better your mailing list will perform.

Piedmont direct mail greensboro nc

With targeted mailing, you get to choose exactly the type of person you want to send your direct mail advertising to by targeting the demographics that consistently appreciate and purchase your goods and services. Targeted mailing lists allow you target people who are most likely to purchase your services based on key characteristics like age, income, and location, allowing you to reach out to your ideal customer.

Targeting mailing is best used by companies that offer a product or service which is beneficial only to a select set of demographics. For example, you would not send an HVAC advertisement to people living in a large apartment complex because they are not responsible for the heating and cooling of the building.

How can direct mail marketing help grow my Piedmont, North Carolina market business in 2021?

Direct mail marketing, or known as direct mail advertising for Piedmont, North Carolina market businesses is the ability to reach potential customers with a message in their mailbox. We specialize in helping businesses reach targeted affluent homeowners with specific messaging to make our direct mail marketing campaigns the most effective.

Can I target customers with advertising services in Piedmont, North Carolina market?

Absolutely, and we're here to help you target affluent customers in Piedmont, North Carolina market with the the right message. As direct mail advertising and direct marketing service professionals, we'll create your ideal campaign to deliver more leads to your business.

Direct Mail Marketing FAQs


Should I have a CTA?

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Even the best, attractive mailer delivered to the right people at the right time still needs a CTA. Think about what you want your Piedmont, North Carolina market customer to do and define that for them in clear terms. That can include buying something, using a coupon code, going to your website, calling your business, and more.

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Do I have to provide a design for my direct marketing or direct mail advertising?

Piedmont Direct Mail Greensboro Nc

You can provide your own design or we can design it for you. Often the best strategy is for us to complete your design to use the knowledge and experience we've gained over several years of delivering the best results.