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How do you handle my credit card payment?


The site uses the industry leading payment processor Stripe. They handle payment processing for over 100,000 businesses. We do not log or store your card information.

The Advance Rapid Application Development Environment with numerous options that helps your generate your application with drag and drop and few clicks. PhpGrid from has become one of the best arrows in our quiver. As a small IT shop charged with handling an incredibly robust data infrastructure, we are always looking for ways to articulate information to our constituencies using meaningful and easy to understand methods.

Is my data secure?

A sounding yes! We are committed to protect your data from day one. We encrypt all data as it moves between our servers and your web browser. In addition, we encrypt all data that's stored on our servers. We use SHA-256, the strongest encryption available.

What kind of backup do you use?

We backup your database in multiple locations several times a day. Restoring from a backup is free for Professional plans and above. Your backup also is secured with encryption.

How do I restore data from a backup?

Let us know and we will manage that process for you. We'll soon be automating our backups so you can control any restores right from your dashboard.

How can I ensure no one else can access my data?

We maintain a privacy policy that outlines our commitment to respecting your privacy and the privacy of the information in your account. Ultimately, the data in your account is not accessible to anyone, unless you make it accessible.

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phpGrid Laravel integration

This is a step-by-step tutorial of how to integrate Laravel PHP framework with phpGrid.

Phpgrid wordpress

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web application framework, architected in model–view–controller (MVC) pattern. phpGrid is a standalone CRUD component encapsulating all the necessary server and client side scripts and does not require Laravel packaging system for managing dependency.

System Requirements

  • Laravel 4
  • PHP >= 5.4 (required by Laravel)
  • MCrypt PHP Extension (also required by Laravel)
  • phpGrid Lite (free)
  • Relational Database, e.g. MySQL

Laravel requires PHP version 5.4+ and MCrypt PHP Extension. Check your phpinfo to verify PHP version and MCrypt. In tutorial, we will be using free phpGrid Lite version.

Set Up Laravel

Phpgrid Download


The easiest way is to install Laravel is to use Composer. However, installation procedure is outside the scope of this tutorial. Please visit for Laravel installation process. For the demo, we install Laravel folder in web server root directory.

phpGrid Folder Location in Laravel

It’s common to save third-party libraries to Laravel “app/libraries”. However, the correct place to put phpGrid is actually in Laravel “public” folder. This is because phpGrid is more than just the eback-end PHP classes but also contains front-end user accessible stylesheets and JavaScript to render datagrid. Such library must reside in the application’s “public” directory because Laravel public directory is the root directory that is accessible to users when they visit your website.

phpGrid conf.php

Phpgrid Lite

You would need to setup the database connection and script path information in file “conf.php”. Since phpGrid resides in “public” folder, Laravel’s front-end root directory, phpGrid SERVER_ROOT value should be “/phpGrid_Lite”. Pay attention to the beginning slash character.

Php Datagrid Open Source

Learn more about SERVER_ROOT and rest of phpGrid system variables here.

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Laravel Views

Finally, one must create a view file in Laravel “app/views” folder. Since phpGrid is located in Laravel “public” folder, we can reference path to conf.php with Laravel’s public_path() helper function.

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Note that “orders” is a database table from phpGrid sample database.

Phpgrid enterprise

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