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20GB free cloud storage space. 500GB for $3,99/month and 1TB for $7,99/month when billed yearly. A safe home for all your data – Access & share your files, calendars. RollBack Rx, OpenDrive, and jZip is the strong competitor of pCloud Drive. Otherwise, DriveImage and Todo Backup also quite good as the alternative of this software. There are also other similar apps such as Paragon, Duplicati, and Zoolz that also need to try if you want to find the best alternative of pCloud Drive.

In this digital age, it is natural that you have tons of data that you want to store, manage, and access anytime anywhere. When you think of storing your work files, music, videos, photos, or other files, the first thought that may come to your mind is Dropbox or other free Cloud storage solution. But there are drawbacks and limitations to these options, and it makes more sense to look for dropbox alternatives. With the perpetual spate of security attacks faced by many of the commonly used Cloud storage solutions, it is imperative that you store your data in a genuinely secure, yet easy to access platform.

This is where pCloud comes into the picture. You can use this Cloud storage solution for storing all your data, including:

As expected of a Dropbox alternative that is also a secure Dropbox alternative, pCloud is built around zero-knowledge privacy and does not compromise security. Files stored in pCloud are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption during and after the transfer, and pCloud applies for TLS/SSL channel protection upon transfer. Cubbit: a flexible pCloud alternative pCloud is a secure business cloud storage solution, but it falls behind Cubbit when it comes to flexibility and it charges extra for real security. Switch to Cubbit.

  • All your documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Work files

The free account comes with 10GB of free Cloud storage. The service is currently used by more than 10 million active daily users. That is certainly a convincing number to add the tag of reliability with this Cloud storage solution.

You can access your pCloud Drive account from all devices including your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or from any device with web access. It also allows you to send and receive files to your friends. Besides, its collaboration features allow you to work together on the same file. When it comes to security, the platform uses advanced encryption to provide optimal protection to your files. It uses pCloud Crypto, which is claimed to provide unbreakable security.

Key Features of pCloud

The following features give you a glimpse into the strengths of pCloud and why you should be using it to store all your files.

1. Easier & Efficient File Management

pCloud allows you to access all your files and folders with a few clicks. Your data is always at your fingertips. It allows access through a web interface, mobile device, or desktop. All this makes it a breeze to manage your files.

  • Search Files: The web UI and mobile app provide a search field. Enter the file/folder name stored on your pCloud Drive and it will instantly present it.
  • Filter Files: File filter is another file management feature. Your files can be filtered by their format. These filters act as instant search icons, available in the left-side menu of the web and mobile UI. The different formats are Audio, Documents, Videos, Images, and Archives.
  • Trash Folder: Any file that you delete will be transferred to the Trash folder for 15 days or 30 days depending on the type of account you have.

2. Share Files with Ease

The Cloud storage solution also provides multiple file-sharing options in all its interfaces. You can share files with users both on and off the platform.

Some of the key sharing sub-features are as follows:

Pcloud Alternative
  • Collaboration: The Invite to Folder feature allows you to share folders with other users on the platform. This allows an enhanced level of collaboration with team members or friends. You have total control over the access levels you want to assign to different users. The different permission levels include ‘Edit’ and ‘View’. Sharing can be managed from anywhere including, web UI, mobile, or pCloud Drive.
  • Download/Upload Links: If you have a large file that needs to be shared with someone else, there is no need for a second thought. Just send the download link to them. These dynamic links not only give an instant preview, but they also ensure the latest version is downloaded. These links can also be password protected or set to expire. You can also receive Upload links and open them without the need to access your account.
  • Public Folder: You can easily share files in your Public Folder by creating Direct Links to specific files and folders. In this case, the pCloud can work as a hosting service. You can embed images, create static HTML sites, or share files through the folder.

3. Advanced Security

The platform uses proven TLS/SSL encryption to protect your files on the Cloud. This encryption is used to encrypt the data transferred between your device and pCloud servers.

  • The platform stores each user file on a minimum of 3 server locations in secure areas
  • The pCloud Crypto subscription feature allows you to have your most critical files encrypted and protected with passwords.
  • It provides client-side encryption instead of server-side encryption. Thus, only you will have the file decryption keys.

4. File Versioning System

This platform stores the previous versions of all your files. You can thus check any past versions of files or track your activities.

Some of the key file versioning sub-features are as follows:

  • Revisions: This feature allows you to track the changes made to a certain file and restore a previous version. If you have a free account, file revisions are maintained for up to 15 days. For paid accounts, the period if 30 days.
  • Rewind: This feature allows you to check all the previous versions of your files. As the name suggests, it takes you on a journey through time. You can check your account activities on a specific date and time in the past 15/30 days and download or restore files.
  • Extended File History: Then there is the sub-feature that records all changes made to a specific file for up to 360 days. It allows you to recover data related to editing or deletion. So if you make any deletions when working on files, there is no need to worry about losing it forever.

5. Integrations


Almost everyone shares photos related to their memories on Facebook and Instagram. Any security breach or attack can mean that you could lose all your collections in an instant. Besides, you may never know what may happen to your social media account.

pCloud allows you to back-up all your memories on the Cloud with just a click. This feature can be stopped or resumed at your convenience.

Pcloud Lifetime Alternative

The platform is also working on a multitude of similarly-functioning plugins. For example, you should be able to back-up your WordPress site and all its files to pCloud.

6. Asset Management

This is a powerful tool from pCloud that allows you to store and share your digital content.

  • You can have 24/7 access to your digital content
  • All content is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption
  • Your Download Links can be personalized using your custom title image, description, and headline
  • The built-in audio/video player allows you to preview rich media
  • This tool also allows you to track the number of users who accessed your assets through the Download Link you shared

pCloud allows you to store all your files and folders on its Cloud servers. And all this data will always be on your fingertips. And the advanced security and management features make it unique compared to other alternatives available in the market.


Pcloud Scam

During the past couple of hours, you might have had to face important life decisions:

Where should I move my files, as a Linux user?

Life’s just not that great when you wake up and find out that you can’t access important photos or documents, because your cloud storage service has stopped support for all Linux filesystems except unencrypted EXT4. You’ll need to drop your files somewhere where Linux support is provided and appreciated.

Hopefully, with this post pCloud can make your life a bit easier.

With the latest news, surrounding Dropbox limiting support for their Linux app, we’ve been receiving more and more requests for a practical guide on:

  • how to run pCloud Drive on Linux
  • what’s different betwen pCloud Drive and Smart Sync
  • (and most importantly) how easy it is to transfer your files over from Dropbox.
Pcloud reviews 2020

We always mention this when we discuss file access with our community – at pCloud we try to be available on as many platforms as we can handle. Linux is no exception. In fact, Linux has been supported by pCloud from day one.

That’s why we’re taking the moment to bring a quick user guide, and answer a few extra questions along the way.

How pCloud Drive Electron works

pCloud Drive is a desktop app, which allows you to work with your files as if they are on your computer, but without taking space from your HDD. It works as a virtual drive, which can extend the available space on your device with up to 2 TB. Unline Dropbox Smart Sync, which only shows a snapshot of your file structure, once your files are in pCloud Drive, you’ll be able to access them without downloading the files first. You can also edit and share with others. All your changes will be available on your mobile phone, and from my.pCloud – our web application.

If you prefer to keep a copy of your files locally, and still have them in pCloud, you can always set up a Sync. Sync connects folders on your computer with pCloud Drive. This connection goes both ways, so if you decide to edit synced files from pCloud Drive, these changes will apply on the same files on your computer, and the other way around.

How to run pCloud Drive on Linux:

pCloud Drive is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

After you download the app, the only steps you need to follow are:

  1. Right-click on the AppImage file
  2. Go to Permissions and make the file Executable

Or, if you need a visual guide, click here.

The importance of client-side encryption and Zero-Knowledge privacy

At pCloud, we believe that proper file security is your right. That is why, you have the option to add an extra layer of encryption for every file you want, without losing the ability to actually use it. By activating and moving your files to the Crypto folder, you can be sure that no one except you will ever be able to access and view your files. This is all due to client-side encryption – an encryption approach, which secures your personal data on your device, before it transfers to the pCloud servers.

How to back up your Dropbox files:


It’s actually quite easy to back up your Dropbox account to pCloud, and it takes less than a minute. There’s a dedicated Dropbox backup tool, and you only need to:

  1. Open your account from my.pCloud
  2. Go to Backup and Start the Dropbox backup

At pCloud, we’re helping a lot of people all over the world keep their digital memories, business ideas and happy moments in a safe place. Since the start, people have uploaded more than 3 billion files to pCloud. The community is going strong, as we see more and more people bringing friends, family, and co-workers along.

If you’re new to pCloud – welcome aboard! You start with 10 GB and a lot of handy features.