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Even if the majority of people that hear the name Bing will associate it with the. Leanna takes a look at the latest version of PCalc, now a universal binary that works on the iPad as well as the iPhone.


Do you need a scientific calculator that is reliable, accurate, easy to use, and filled with features? The PCalc Lite app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone could be just what you're looking for. Not only is it a full-feature offering, it's also got all kinds of added tools and a variety of themes. Make use of such tools as undo, redo, RPN mode, constants, and unit conversions. There will be no need to switch between calculators or apps if you've got this one.

The best iPad apps for scientific calculators

PCalc Lite

Calculations Made Easy

This app is all about making your life easier. You can perform all kinds of calculations on this app and even switch between two themes. If you choose to purchase the full version of this app you'll actually get more themes, settings, scientific notation, engineering, and a paper. The full version also supports binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations. There is a number of in-app purchases available ranging from $0.99 to the $9.99 offering which is the Complete Pack. If you plan on using the app often it would probably be well worth the upgrade.

Best iphone and ipad apps

As far as the free version goes it was making users quite happy until the upgrade a couple of months ago which results in its customer rating dropping quite a bit. There were quite a lot of updates and changes that were made to each of the packages, including the free one, and it seems as though users were happier before these updates.

Pcalc Lite For Ipad Air

Using the App

While calculator apps may all seem identical I do find there are some differences between them and for me I really like the feel and look of this one. You are given quite a few customization options with the free version such as the two themes, the ability to change the sounds or turn them off, the ability to turn on/off RPN mode, and even the look of the actual numbers on the display. I wasn’t really expecting that many options in the free version.

I also like how fluid the app feels. The keys respond very well to touch. Turn your device to landscape mode and you’ll see even more keys show up with additional features. In this mode it feels full-featured and complete. I can see this being a great tool for students in particular so there is no need to carry around a separate bulky calculator.

PCalc Lite

Pros and Cons


  • Very fluid and smooth
  • Use in landscape mode for additional keys/features
  • Choose from two different themes
  • Choose your keypad sound
  • Turn on/off RPN mode
  • Doesn’t contain ads


  • Not all features are available in the free version

Final Thoughts

The PCalc Lite app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is a full-feature scientific calculator that is more than able to get the job done and act as a wonderful tool for students or anyone needing to figure out mathematical calculations on the go. I really like that even though it’s free you get quite a few customization options.

PCalc Lite

The fact you have an actual computer inside your iPhone means your regular calculator are pretty much obsolete nowadays. Now more advanced calculators are at risk of being replaced with the overflow of highly capable scientific calculator apps. There are so many choices so we had a hard time choosing just 10 or 12 of the best iPhone apps for scientific calculators.

Pcalc lite for ipad air

5 Jan 2021, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Free42 is a calculator app. Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer.

It is a complete rewrite, not using any HP code, and it does not require an HP-42S ROM image.

Free42 is an Open Source project. The executables and source code are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. All third-party code used in Free42 is either in the public domain, or licensed under terms compatible with GPLv2, or used with the authors' permission.

  • Performs all arithmetic functions
  • Completes advanced calculations
  • Implemented LASTO
  • Can be used to print out calculations

Award winning calculator app for iPad and iPhone. Designed with simplicity, usability and beauty in mind. Enjoy the free scientific calculator with elegant and intuitive interface on your iPhone & iPad and upgrade to the paid version to get access to the equation solver, graphing calculator, and handwriting recognition.

  • Apple Watch support
  • Supports many scientific functions
  • Can be added to Today Screen
  • Advanced editing by easily going back and forth
Calculator + app review: a reliable math equation solver

Smart Calculator+ gives you the ability to solve complex math equations and you can also save information in the tracker. Just input your equation and let the calculator solve the problem. Then you can save it and share, tracking it along the way. You can also store tax info, budgets, tips, and more. You can calculate your budget and finance information while on the go, save and name your results, use scientific functions, and perform multi-functional calculations. You get instant results as you calculate, and sharing is easy with AirDrop and other apps. Calculator + app review

  • Find saved equations with Spotlight Search
  • Share calculations and show every step
  • Name and save equations
  • Save and restore history
  • Instant results as you calculate

Sci:Pro Calculator is a simple calculator that offers three modes of operations: basic, scientific, and programmer. Each mode gives you history view and support for sharing results. Features include ad-free enjoyment, multiple copy and paste formats, memory keys, calculation history, full-screen key layouts, and user interface sounds you can turn on or off. Each mode of operation offers its own unique features you’re sure to enjoy using. Rotate your iPhone to switch among Basic, Scientific, and Programmer modes. Quickly access, share, or use the results of your recent calculations. Sci:Pro Calculator app review

  • Simple calculator
  • Three modes of operations
  • Ad-free
  • Basic, Scientific, and Programmer modes
  • Quickly access, share, or use results
Sci:Pro Calculator app review: fast and accurate calculations

Good Grapher is a powerful scientific-graphing calculator that you will soon make a reliable assistant for your business or school work. You get a history tape, real and complex numbers, radians and degree angle mods, different functions and operators, copy and email calculations, and more, all with the scientific calculator function. The 2D graphing calculator gives you graph visualization with multi-touch support, inequalities drawing in the Pro version, table of graph values, and more. You can copy and email calculations in the scientific calculator, and the graphing calculator gives you the bonus option of saving what you’ve copied and emailed.

  • Support for minutes, seconds, grads
  • Inequalities drawing
  • Copy, save, email screenshots (email only in graphing calculator function)
  • Math solver
  • Pro version available as a separate app

PCALC Lite is a powerful option for engineers, scientists, programmers, students, or anyone else looking for a calculator rich with features. You get multi-line display, your choice of button layouts, a paper tape, and support for hexadecimal, binary, and octal calculations. The Lite version is fully functional and offers two different themes. It even has an Apple Watch app so you can perform calculations on your wrist. If you try out this version and like it, the full version has more themes and settings and other features that you can buy individually from inside PCalc Lite. PCalc Lite app review

  • Powerful calculator for scientists, programmers, engineers, students, or anyone else
  • Rich with features
  • Multi-line display
  • Apple Watch app
  • Free with in-app purchases
PCalc Lite app review: a go-to scientific calculator

15C Scientific Calculator supports complex numbers, matrix operations, intense calculations, and more. This is an emulation of the HP-15C calculator; it works just like it, and comes with tons of help functions. It was built with identical algorithms and mathematics as the original, and features things like random number generator, RPN entry, root finder, probability, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trig functions, and numeric integration. You can disable and enable key click feedback sound, automatically save and restore settings during app close and launch, and more. If you need more help than what’s available in-app, you can contact the developers. 15E Scientific Calculator app review

  • High-end scientific programmable calculator
  • Emulation of the HP-15C calculator
  • Lots of help functions
  • Same capabilities
  • One-time purchase
15E Scientific Calculator app review: solving anything you throw its way

Calculator # is a free, multifunction calculator that gives you a bunch of features with its algebra engine and powerful math core. Right now the Pro version is being offered at 40 percent off, so if you like the free version, get the paid one fast! Features include numeric integral calculation, dual skins, a history tape view, and basic calculations in the general portion of the app. Algebra features include basic indefinite integral, big integer and rational number, and expand and factor polynomials. You get equations solvers, 2D graph features, and support for multiple languages. Calculator # app review

  • 2D graph
  • Solve quadratic equations
  • Algebra features
  • Basic Calculations
  • Pro version reduced for a limited time
Calculator # app review: a multi-function calculator

Quick Graph+ is a high-quality, powerful graphic calculator that gives you great graphing capabilities both in 2D and 3D. The user interface is simple and intuitive, can display explicit and implicit equations as well as inequalities, and you can copy, email, or save results to your photo library. Features include unlimited graphs, VGA output, library for commonly used equations, drag to rotate, pinch to zoom, shake to reset view to original state, double-tap to change visualization modes, and more. You get in-app email so you can share equations and graphics, 2D tracing, enhanced 3D mode, value table, and 2D independent axis scaling. If you want, check out the free version first and upgrade via the in-app purchase. Quick Graph+ app review

Pcalc Lite For Ipad Download

  • High-quality, powerful graphic calculator
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Copy, email, or save results
  • In-app email
  • One-time purchase
Quick Graph+ app review: graph your calculations

Calculator Pro Elite offers a dual-line display that updates as you type, which allows you to keep track of both what you have inputted and your result. You get a history tape, split-view support, and basic and scientific keys. You get a backspace button, multi-line input, six layouts, 3D touch support, and scientific formatting of large or small numbers, and more. You can use gestures: swipe right on the display to clear, swipe left or right on the keypad to go back and forth between basic and scientific keys, swipe left on the display to backspace, and more. You can choose your color theme, show rounded buttons, enable light tape background, and you can show memory buttons.

  • Left-hand mode
  • Thousands separators on/off
  • Gestures support
  • History tape
  • One-time purchase

Scientific Graphing Calculator offers you typical functions in the Scientific mode, like the usual exponentiation and arithmetic functions, summations, sig figs, and complex numbers. Graphing capabilities include labeled graphs and the ability to graph in polar coordinates, graph parametric equations, and more. You get a vector and matrix calculator as well, and the app can make a table of the values of any function you enter. You also get a triangle solver, polynomial solvers, and a unit converter. Is that enough for you? This app has many more features. Check it out. Scientific Graphing Calculator app review

  • Statistics mode
  • Constants for scientific calculations
  • Graphing capabilities
  • Scientific calculator functions
  • One-time purchase
Scientific Graphing Calculator app review: discover a new way of solving graphs

The Talking Scientific Calculator is a calculator full of features that offers large, colorful buttons, VoiceOver support, and the option to use speech for answers, formulas, and button names. The app can read entered umbers, formulas, and answers aloud. It has built-in recording studio and script that takes only five minutes to record a new voice. There are two entry modes: Standard and Formula. You get full support for fractions, easy access to basic calculator functions, and numeric formatting of results. It also supports the entry and display of Braille on supported devices.

Pcalc Lite For Ipad Mini

  • Large, clear buttons with optional speech
  • Entry and display on refreshable Braille devices
  • Paper log feature
  • Two entry modes
  • Great iPhone app for scientific calculators
Best calculator apps for the iPad

Calc 2M combines a simple design with the professional and standard features of a normal calculator. Features include saved history, drag and drop, theme options, the ability to print or send calculations, colored syntax to improve expression readability, and editable expressions. You can use the settings to adjust Calc 2M to your needs, the advanced functions are powerful enough for engineers, scientists, and students alike. You can also install the widget to have access to a quick calculation whenever you want. You get smart and flexible typing, low expressions, and much more. Calc 2M app review

Pcalc Lite For Ipad

  • Simple designs
  • Saved history
  • Drag and drop to compose new expressions
  • Share or export expressions
  • Free with in-app purchases

Pcalc Lite For Ipad Pro

Calc 2M app review: A better scientific calculator for your iPhone or iPad