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  1. My Paleo Life

Second Life Paleo Quest Walkthrough. I've played this a few times when my avatar needed a little boost for her next shopping spree. It worked every time,. Play PaleoQuest, Second Life’s new dinosaur adventure, for fun and prizes! Collect ancient artifacts, rocks, and more as you explore the island - then redeem them for gifts and even Linden Dollars! Visit in Second Life A full tutorial video on how to play PaleoQuest is available. Wild Zora Paleo Meals To Go - Summit Savory Chicken and Mountain Beef Stew - 100% Grass Fed Beef & Free Range Chicken - Freeze Dried Meals Backpacking & Camping - AIP Friendly, Gluten Free - (4-Pack) 4.1 out of 5 stars 137.


I truly cannot understand your question. You can only get paid if you complete all of the quests, and you can only be paid one time each week. After you have been paid, you have to wait a week before you can be paid again, even if you complete all of the quests.

Also, as the announcement tells you at the start of PaleoQuest, you must have a payment method on file and you must have used it at least once to buy L$. If you have never bought L$ on the Linden Exchange, you cannot get a payment for completing PaleoQuest.

Read all of , all the way to the bottom.

My Paleo Life

I am currently unable to complete Paleo Quest # 4 and also, Horizon Quest # 3 this has been going on for 2 days.
Are there any other Second Life Players experiencing these issues ?.
Example below of current issues :
Paleo Quest # 3 - Character : Reaches for Solar Panel and is unable to retrieve it.
Statement : You already have the Solar Panel... RUN !...
My Thoughts : No I do not Meat Bag ... lol.
Character : This Character has no Solar Panel
Character Action : Runs to Satellite anyway for hell of it.
Statement : You do not have the ' Solar Panel '.
My Thoughts : You don't say I, do not have the Solar Panel , in Magellan's words ' Like DUH ! '. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Horizon Quest # 3 - Kill the Killer Robots
No Cue Card to be found.
Cue Card does not Rez or Show.
Not Equipped with the Ray Gun.
Attempted Horizon Quest # 3 about 3 times before giving up.
My Thoughts : Guess I won't have to worry about laser burns on my suit πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
My Thoughts : Face Palm , Epic Fail !.
Any other thoughts ?. Maybe blast my way out with the goods ?. πŸ˜‚