Over Exposure Chest X Ray

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–Chest X ray was the most common. Optimizing Image Quality.Radiologist.Technologist.Physicist. Projecting over the T6 vertebral body; recommend retraction. Multiple addition lines project. From the target exposure index. –10 x log 10 (EI/EI T). Directing the anode side of the x-ray field towards the lower chest during an AP projection of the chest will result in? Over exposure of the upper chest. The use of an x-ray tube with a small anode angle results in? 1) decreased focal spot size 2) decreased heat capacity. About 73% of a person’s yearly exposure to natural sources of radioactive material comes from inhalation. This is mostly in the form of radon, which is the largest source of natural radiation exposure. This yearly amount of radiation is similar to the amount of radiation from twenty chest x-rays. A chest X-ray may be performed on an outpatient basis or as part of a hospital stay. For this test, the patient stands in front of a rectangular target area, where the X-ray film is held. Patients may be asked to hold their arms to the side or over the head.

Artifactual appearances seen on a chest X-ray may be due to radiographic technique, patient factors, or the presence of external or internal non-anatomical objects. Artifact is often unavoidable, but some artifact can lead to misinterpretation of the image. Medical equipment may obscure anatomical structures, to the detriment of image interpretation, or conversely may be vital to image assessment.

Over Exposure Chest X Ray Images

Artifact is acceptable if the clinical question can still be answered. An image need only be repeated if artifact prevents the clinical question from being answered confidently.

Over Exposure Chest X Ray

Over Exposure Chest X Ray Ultrasound

Radiographic artifact

This is spurious or unclear appearance of an anatomical structure due to radiographic technique. As previously discussed, examples include rotation, incomplete inspiration and incorrect penetration. Other radiographic artifact includes clothing or jewellery not removed.

Normal Chest X Ray Results

Patient artifact

Over Exposure Chest X Ray Icd 10

Artifact may be due to patient factors such as poor co-operation with positioning or movement. Very often obesity exaggerates lung density. Occasionally normal anatomical structures such as hair or skin folds can cause confusion.