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Outlook dropbox plugin

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Are you seeking for a trick to share the ability of Dropbox in your Outlook email client inbox? Now finally your search is stopped!! Yes, it is possible by using the Dropbox add-in for Outlook.

Outlook Dropbox Plugin

Microsoft users can share their files of any size, work with them from any device, and maintain synchronization with everyone. They can skip their cumbersome and heavy sized attachments and instead of that, can generate a shareable link. Following are 3 different ways that will help an individual to save time while sending a large size attachment files via email:

  • Sharing of Big or Small File – Now it is the time to say NO to worries related to the sending of large-sized email attachments.
  • Keeping Everyone in Sync – Share the Dropbox web link so that other connected users are capable of working with its latest and updated edition.
  • Control on Who Sees What – Apply for the access or restrict permissions to decide that who all can work with the shareable link of MS Outlook.

After installing and enabling the Dropbox plugin for Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010, an icon is displayed in the Microsoft Outlook app ribbon. Whenever you will be composing or reading a message, you will encounter this icon. On clicking on this Dropbox icon, a pane gets opened in which you have to choose the folders or files, which you want to append from your Dropbox. In the email content, a shareable link to the chosen items gets automatically generated and attached in the mail.

Note – POP / IMAP configured email addresses like Gmail are not at all supported for this add-in.

Prerequisites to Use Dropbox Extension for Outlook

The add-on is present for all the email accounts, which are hosted on the MS Exchange 2013 and later. It is availed for the:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MS Exchange Online
  • On-premises installation

Following are the application’s versions of Outlook in which Dropbox add-in works:

  • Outlook 2016 and 2013 for Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac

Note – Older versions of the desktop Outlook or Mobile app of it does not support Dropbox add-in.

Synchronize outlook and dropbox

Configuration and Use of Dropbox Plugin for Outlook

When you will be completed with the installation of Dropbox add-in for Outlook, you will be able to view it for use in the email message that supports the defined email apps. For starting the work with this add-in, click on the Dropbox icon, which is present either on the ribbon of MS Outlook or an email header.

A security alert message will appear in front of you, when you are using Dropbox Add-In for Outlook for the first time. The warning statement asks you to permit ‘Internet Low-Mic Utility Tool use’ for opening the content. Click on Allow for using the add-in.


Attach a file from Your Dropbox to An Email

  1. Click on the add-in icon when you are composing a new email in Outlook.
  2. Choose the files or folders, which you want to append from Dropbox to email
  3. Finally, click on Choose button for creating the attachment link that gets automatically appended to that new email

Dropbox Outlook Pst

Save An Attachment to the Dropbox Account

  1. When you get an Outlook email either with Dropbox shareable link or attachments, click on the Dropbox icon. This is located in the email header part or Outlook ribbon
  2. Choose the attachments that you want to archive in the Dropbox account.
  3. Select the location in Dropbox to save the attachments within it.


Synchronize Outlook And Dropbox

Users can share files of any size with the Dropbox Add-In for Outlook. Now it will be easy to send or receive emails, comprising of large attachments. The workarounds described in this informative blog is for Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Other measures are likely similar and one can use this new add-in in order to make information sharing easier.