Option Vbasupport 1

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  1. Libreoffice マクロ Option Vbasupport 1

10月 (1) 9月 (3) 7月 (5) 6月 (19) シートの枚数を調べる。 シートを削除してみた。 新しいシートを挿入する。 Cellから値を取得する; Option VBASupport 1 が邪魔である。 OpenOffice Basic で Calc のセルに数字を入れてみる。.

Specifies that LibreOffice Basic will support some VBA statements, functions and objects.

The support for VBA is not complete, but covers a large portion of the common usage patterns.

  • Compatibility options support additional “exotic” vba syntax Option VBASupport 1 Sub SelectToFromCells Range('FromCell', 'ToCell').Select End Sub Provides a compatibility model Supporting changes to calc core.
  • Option Compatible Option VBASupport 1 Sub Main ABC End Sub. Last edited by Herb40 on Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:22 pm, edited 1 time in total. OpenOffice 4.1.3 on Windows.
  • REM. BASIC. Option VBASupport 1 Sub ExampleRound Dim r r = Pi print r ' 3,8979 print Round(r, 5) ' 3,14159 r = exp(1) print r ' 2,5904 print Round(r) ' 3 End Sub Calc ROUND function.
  • Option VBASupport 1 Sub Question06256 Dim Question006 As Integer Question006 = MsgBox('実行します',257,'質問7') If Question006 = 1 Then Range('A1').Value = '実行しました' ElseIf Question006 =2 Then Range('A1').Value = 'キャンセルしました' End If End Sub 1のとき③ Option VBASupport 1 Sub Question07 Dim Question007.

This statement must be added before the executable program code in a module.

When VBA support is enabled, LibreOffice Basic function arguments and return values are the same as their VBA functions counterparts. When the support is disabled, LibreOffice Basic functions may accept arguments and return values different of their VBA counterparts.

Option VBASupport {1 0}


Option Vbasupport 1

1: Enable VBA support in LibreOffice

0: Disable VBA support

Libreoffice マクロ Option Vbasupport 1

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