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Optimizepress Templates

Video preview of the premium COURSEPRO v3 membership bundle (7 templates), which matches the design of my OP3 COURSEPRO pr. Optimizepress will give the following items to the user. WordPress landing pages will support creating high converting landing pages, opt-in pages, and thankyou pages accordingly. So that it gives various optimized ways to create conversion. Featuring Conversion Optimized Sales Page Templates.

  • OptimizePress - Customizable Landing Page Templates With 2-Step Opt-in Forms. Creating a website is not easy and takes a lot of time and effort. Landing Page Builders come in handy as they provide the necessary help to build high-quality websites for users. Optimize Press makes for one such platform that helps create high-quality websites.
  • Since more and more people use their phones for research and shopping, you have to make sure your landing pages work on different devices. With OptimizePress, mobile responsiveness is the standard. The templates are fully adaptable for tablets and phones. Don’t worry, all the elements I mentioned above work on mobile, but you can also edit them out if you think it impairs user experience.

Deliver a good website can benefit to reach more traffic. This means that it will lead to more customers, more sales, and more profit for the business. However, some businesses might experience a difficult way to engage their customer to the website. Therefore, it needs a suitable website builder that can help to solve those issues. Some of the excellent products in the market including Optimizepress and Clickfunnels. Both promise various advantages and features for their users. For more information, related to Optimizepress vs Clickfunnels comparison, read carefully the overview below.

What Is Optimizepress

Optimizepress is one of the best website builders among other similar products. This is a complete WordPress tool that can help a business to create pages and funnels so that it can grow the list and creating more sales. Furthermore, with this website builder, a business can get various advantages and features by optimizing its webpage.

Optimizepress Benefit

TemplatesOptimizepress Templates

Optimizepress can give many excellent advantages to the user. With this website builder, the user can get the following benefits:

  • Works with any WordPress theme so that it suitable for WordPress landing pages. Furthermore, it can help to grow your coaching business faster by using the high converting opt-in templates. In which it can get more leads and applications from suitable Ad campaigns.
  • Support from the amazing team is a guarantee. So that the user will meet some friendly support team on hand via email to help the user with any issues when using OptimizePress.
  • This website builder is suitable for any kind of business. Therefore, each business niche will able to use their service through the provided templates and platform accordingly.
  • It also benefits to help with funnels creation that can drive a business to the next level. Either through a launch funnel, sales funnels, or webinar funnels.

Optimizepress Features


Selecting this product also will bring many incredible features to count on. Optimizepress will give the following items to the user.

  • WordPress landing pages will support creating high converting landing pages, opt-in pages, and thankyou pages accordingly. So that it gives various optimized ways to create conversion.
  • Featuring Conversion Optimized Sales Page Templates. Its rapidly growing library of sales pages can give the user flexibility to choose a design that works for a specific business.
  • Marketing Focused Elements that will work to add videos, countdown timers, buttons, progress bars, feature blocks, and more. This is all designed to help more conversions and sales.
  • Mobile Responsive Templates as standard with over 50% of web traffic on mobile. This can ensure a webpage look great and convert more mobile visitors to subscribers and customers.
  • Customize Everything On Your Pages through the Optimize Builder can make editing quick and simple. Click to edit text, fonts, sizes, colors, and much more.
  • A beautiful sales page that will convert all attracted visitors into buyers. Therefore, it works effectively to reach more potential customers and convert them to perform any sales in fasten way.

How Much Does Optimizepress Cost

Another important information in case that you want to select this website builder is to get an overview of the pricing plan. This is also an advantage for a business owner since the product offers very affordable pricing to the user. Starting from only $99 per year for one website, you can directly enjoy all the benefits and features from Optimizepress. Furthermore, in case you need additional premium features, you will only charge $399 per year and worth for up to 20 webpages.

What is Clickfunnels


Another website builder is Clickfunnels. It is a supporting tool to create sales funnel. Therefore, this tool can help to create a website and develop a converting sales funnel. So that it will work to increase the number of customers. For more information about the benefit and the features of this product, you can read the next paragraphs.

Clickfunnels Benefit

Clickfunnels will commit to giving many advantages for the user, including the following things:

  • Clickfunnels has a simple drag and drop system for its webpage editor. So that anyone can use it without needing any experience or skills in website design or development.
  • With the product, all the users can build smart shopping chard and all organized in one simple dashboard. Therefore, it is more efficient and effective in performing.
  • With this website builder, the user can easily organize their webpage in one simple dashboard. So that it will not need a longer time and can simply optimize the webpage.

Clickfunnels Features

This website builder also brings many stunning features to consider. With selecting this tool, it can lead to the various features below:

  • It helps to create smart email, text, and messenger follow-up funnels so that you wouldn’t miss any chance from your potential customers. Therefore, it will manage all chances to convert any sales.
  • Consists of predesigned funnels and pages that can increase more traffic and convert to sales automatically.
  • The product also features email and Facebook marketing automation. Therefore, the user can manage various approaches in optimizing the webpage traffic and sales.
  • With Clickfunnels, the user can run smart affiliate programs inside the funnels too. Therefore, it will help to create more potential customers and also automatically lead to high converting too.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost

Clickfunnels offers 14 days trial for their user. Simply create an account to get this free trial and you can directly enjoy the benefits and features. In case you expect more premium features and benefits, you might need to sign up first and then getting further information through member login. Since the webpage is not transparently informing their further cost.

Through the information above, it shall now easy to define the best website builder to help with your webpage. By reading the Optimizepress vs Clickfunnels comparison, you can get many overviews and lead to perform the suitable final selection. In case you still need some overview of another website builder, simply read Clickfunnels VS Builderall comparison, or Clickfunnels VS Groovefunnels comparison. So that you can make a proper selection and ends up with a satisfying webpage.

If you have downloaded a special OptimizePress template (called Content Templates) from the Marketplace, our Clubhouse or the OptimizePress members area, you will need to install this into your OptimizePress website ready to use.

To begin, Navigate to 'OptimizePress > Create New Page'.

Step 1:

Click the 'Browse' button and locate the file on your computer. To upload multiple templates, simply select multiple files.

Step 2:

Click the 'install Now' button.

Step 3:

You should get a confirmation message highlighted in green.

Optimizepress Templates Online

Step 4:

The template should now appear under the proper category and can be used like any other template.

Optimizepress Templates Photoshop

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