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Import your manuscript and Vellum builds everything for your book, including a Title Page and Table of Contents. Browse through Vellum’s Book Styles to find the best match for your book. As you do so, Vellum applies your selection. Use Vellum’s Preview to see how your ebook will.

  • How to Print on Vellum Stamping on Vellum Bible Tip-In. If you'd like to follow me on instagram I'd love to see your creations, and you can catch up on e.
  • Vellum is thin, slightly white, and cloudy like frosted glass. Sometimes it’s called see-through paper or tracing paper. It was originally made from stretched and refined calfskin and used in Egypt and Babylonia as early as the 6 th century B.C.
On Vellum

There is finally a free wallpaper app on iOS that’s absolutely beautiful. No insane subscription. Just hundreds of perfect images, unique curated collections, and a new wallpaper drop every day. This is the only wallpaper app you’ll ever need.

*Android coming soon

Vellum wedding invitations

On Vellum Definition

We've sorted through thousands of images to find the very best wallpapers. Beauty is something we're pretty passionate about.

Vellum On Windows

On Vellum

Vellum On Cricut

You can create a blurred background easily from our wallpapers with our custom blur tool. The aesthetic of a matching gradient for your home screen is a welcomed addition. Zen attained.

Each day you open Vellum, you'll be treated to a new free Daily Wallpaper. Missed a day? Not a problem! Premium Users* have access to the last four weeks of the Daily Wallpaper. No expensive subscriptions in Vellum.
*Requires a one time in-app purchase.

Do you like your devices to have a familiar theme? In a few simple steps, you’ll have a matching wallpaper on your watch and iPhone.