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  1. Into a language like English, in whose grammar there. Although semantically these sentences mean exactly what their words say, their pragmatic meaning.
  2. Andal name meaning in English, Origin of name Andal and Gender, Language, Religion, lucky colors, lucky days and Lucky Number For Andal.

late 14c., nocioun, 'a general concept, conception,' from Latin notionem (nominative notio) 'concept, conception, idea, notice,' noun of action from past participle stem of noscere 'come to know,' from PIE root *gno- 'to know.' Coined by Cicero as a loan-translation of Greek ennoia 'act of thinking, notion, conception,' or prolepsis 'previous notion, previous conception.'

The distinction between the scope and the content of a notion lies at the basis of such terms as the. Meaning in syntagmatics and paradigmatics. Notion, free and safe download. Notion latest version: Notion is a bright idea for working in harmony. Getting a whole team, or even just two people.

Meaning 'an opinion, a view, a somewhat vague belief' is from c. 1600; that of 'a not very rational inclination, a whim' is by 1746. Notions in the concrete sense of 'miscellaneous small articles of convenience or utensils' (such as sold by Yankee peddlers) is by 1803, American English, via the idea of 'clever product of invention.'

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