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In this digital age, more and more solutions are out in the market for uploading, storing, and retrieving files. With so many choices in the market, what's the best solution to go with? While Google Drive and remaining apart of the Google ecosystem is a great option, I have decided to use Notion.

  1. Welcome to my notion addiction. So if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you may have notion I’ve recently become completely enamored with notion. For those that don’t know — notion is essentially a digital bullet journal that you can make into.literally anything. WIP lists, a food tracker, a personal dietary, a goal.
  2. The notionthat men aren't able to talk about their emotions is alien to me. The rhythmic motives in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony suggest the notionof the knocking of fate at your door. This is an onerous responsibility, a responsibility which cannot be achieved by the notionthat might is right.

It is a powerful tool where you can upload your information and find it. After all, what's the point of storage if you can't find it when you need it?

Notion is a free service that can be used on the web, your desktop, and your smartphone. As most 'freemium' services, the free package only is meant for you to test out the system and to get the full benefit, you are going to need to switch to one of their plans:

  • Personal - $4 per month

  • Personal Pro - $4 per month (I have this one!)

  • Team - $8 per month

  • Enterprise - Contact the sales team

In the simplest terms, Notion is like having your own personal Wikipedia.

In the simplest terms, Notion is like having your own personal Wikipedia.

Notion can:

  • Take notes

  • Create tables

  • Provide a Kanban board for productivity

  • Be a to-do list

  • Give you reminders

  • Integrates decently other services, such as the previously mentioned Google Drive.

It's a powerful piece of software that is continuously evolving, and I use it daily.

Notion has become my database for my life. It also doubles as my external hard-drive since I don’t want to pay for extra storage on Google Drive when I’m already paying for Notion.

Notion as my Dashboard

My main page is my dashboard. There I can have an overview of various aspects of my life that I want to keep track of. This includes the following:

  • Projects + Tasks

  • Relationships

  • Restaurants + Stores

  • Personal Inventory

  • Reading List + Movie List (dubbed Resonance Calendar)

  • Notes + Quotes + Definitions

  • Meeting Notes

  • Files

  • Images

  • Misc to be sorted

Each one of those categories has their own ‘pages’ which I could click through to keep track of the various aspects of my life.

  • This means that whenever I want to see when I last contacted a friend of mine, I can check my Contact Master page.

  • I could also easily go back and click on my ‘Restaurants’ tab if I ever want to give a recommendation to someone about where to get some delicious Uruguayan food.

Having an overarching dashboard allows me to quickly and efficiently check out the main topics of what I need to look for. Then once I click through that, I could continue until I find what I need.

Notion as my Relationship Manager

One of the many aspects of my life that I want to continuously improve is my relationships.

Those who know me can say that I'm a delight to be with in person. I love chatting with people, I enjoy hanging out with people, and it's great whenever I find the time to spend with those I love. However, what I need to improve on are my communication skills.

Due to how busy I can be at work or working on my own personal projects, I lose touch with people. I do not do it out of maliciousness, it's just with everything going on, I do not take the time and think, 'gee… maybe I should reach out to that person'. Whenever my mind does remember to reach out, it's like 7 in the morning. Who wants to have a call at that time?

Don’t know what someone wants for their birthday?

As people tell me what their interests are, I keep notes of that information on their pages. The same goes for anything that they may say in passing about what they want, would like, or need. This way if a special occasion comes up, I could quickly find something that they may appreciate having in their life. This saves me time, stress, and energy. This also gives me a better chance of giving the person I care about, something they’d actually like instead of just picking a random thing and hoping they’d use it.

Saving Files on Notion

I work as an office administrator while also running my own projects, business, and life. This means that I have to store and find a lot of files at the drop of a hat. I realized that while I was using Notion as a database for information, I could also use it to keep a backup of my files. Notion can save PDFs, Word Documents, PowerPoint, MP4s, and all kinds of Video Files. What is even better is that Notion handled my PSD (Photoshop), and AI (Illustrator) files without any hassle.

How I Store Files on Notion

The way I use Notion is evolving every day, but this is the current way I store files.

All my files are put in a table

Within that table, I have two columns: File and Tags

Files are where I upload the file. Since I name all my files, it eliminates the need for an additional column, which would be 'name.' However, if you do not name your files, I would encourage you to have a 'Name' column.

Tags are how I can sort my files. The tags I use are as follows:

  • File type: PDF, PSD, MP4, etc.

  • Keywords: These are one to three words that could quickly let me know what the file is about. Examples of this could be ‘Insurance’, ‘AT&T’

  • Names: If a person is associated with the file, I’ll use their name as a tag

  • Version: If a file is constantly changing, I’ll have a tag for version history

  • Year: If the file is one that changes from time to time, such as a driver’s license, or is affiliated with a date, I’ll put in the year for easy sorting.

How I View Files on Notion

I use the table view 85% of the time. Since Notion allows me to quickly create multiple ways to view files, I tend to have a secondary view in which I can see my files.

  • Gallery View: For visual files such as receipts and drawings

  • Calendar View: For files that are date centric such as meeting notes

  • List View: Foreverything else since it’s simplistic and is easy on the eyes.

These views do not do anything to change or alter my files. They simply enhance the viewing experience whenever I decide to reference my file page.

Additional Notes about File Storage on Notion

Notion allows you to take notes within notes within notes. So if you have any additional comments to add to a file, you do not need to create another column.

  • All you need to do is click on the file, click “Open as Page”, then you could add comments or additional notes about that file. At the moment I don’t do this for my files but it’s most certainly an option.

Adding an additional 'Date Created' column, however, may prove to be helpful, and it's one that I'll add to my file storage tables. This is especially true for my receipt pages.

How did I learn Notion?

I did not learn Notion overnight. In fact, I am still learning new things about it every day. This is because this is a complex solution to reduce the number of applications that we use every day (task manager, word document, online storage, excel sheet, kanban board, wiki, etc.), and it is being continuously updated with new features and integrations.

My #1 Instructor for Notion is Francesco from Keep Productive on YouTube. He has a playlist of over 40 videos to show Notion users of all skill levels on learning and mastering the software. If you don’t want to watch all his videos, then here are a few I highly recommend:

Another way I’ve been learning how to more effectively use Notion has been through the website called Notion Pages. Notion Pages has lots of templates for you to edit and play with.

I am still learning how to best use Notion Pages and how to copy their databases onto my own. Still, the ones I have managed to copy have been absolutely amazing. Here are a few that I recommend:

Keep in mind that the ones I recommended are for the most part, complex. Thus, I’d recommend you use Notion for a week with the help of Keep Productive’’s videos before going for the Notion Pages.

Notion Meaning In English

Notion meaning in english

The free plan used to consist of '1000 content blocks', but as of May 2020, that's no longer the case. You can now have as many blocks as you want on a free plan.

Notion Me

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet at either me or the Notion team.

Notion Me

Otherwise, if you have other solutions similar to Notion, please feel free to share them with me in the comments below. I’m always eager to learn new ways to become more productive with less stress.

Who said you can't make a personal website using Notion? Well... no-one actually, but I've recently been seeing some fantastic use cases for Notion including portfolio sites, resumes, landing pages to name just a few.

So I thought I would set myself a challenge to recreate a few pages of my own personal website using Notion.

Like a lot of folk, I’m guilty of taking far too much time creating a 'quick' website — pushing pixels around for sometimes months on end to get the perfect aesthetic look. However, trying to practise what I preach I thought I would put my favourite tool through its paces and try to recreate my personal site.

In all honesty, I thought I would just give the homepage a shot at first and leave it there. So I created the homepage and fired off a tweet to see if anyone was interested. I didn’t expect so many people to like and comment on the tweet. This is by far the most engagement I have had on twitter by far!

After some quick validation from the Notion and No Code twitter community, I thought I would turn it up a notch and try to recreate the rest of my personal site.


So I started designing the majority of the core pages on my personal site, reusing components I had previously created and pasting them across. Creating a navigation was a little tricky at first as it's not evident to most users where the breadcrumbs are located. So I used the 'Call Out' block and added some custom Icons and created my own navigation bar across each page.

The next challenge was adding email capture. I got a great recommendation via twitter about a new product in Beta called which allows you to create an email capture form and add it to your Notion site using the Embed tool block. It took me literally 3 minutes from start to finish to create the form and embed it.

The only thing I didn't add which I might consider in the future was creating a CMS for the blog page using the grid layout to add content dynamically. Shout out to Nabil for the suggestion.

Personally, I’m pretty impressed at what you can pull off using Notion despite a few constraints. It took me roughly 4 hours from start to finish. However, the one substantial advantage was that I simply had to copy and paste all the copy from my website and also had all my assets to hand. The trickiest thing was positioning and the alignment of the blocks which still needs some work by Notion.


It's worth touching briefly on some of the limitations. As with any no code drag and drop builder, there are limitations to consider.


The most obvious limitation is the design constraints. Alignment is tricky at times and there is no option to centre align blocks, add spacers or change the colour of sections.

Notion Meaning In Bengali

Additionally, it would be great to have the ability to hyperlink images. This would allow me to add CTA's and banners which link to other pages.


This is perhaps the biggest issue in my opinion. Regardless of whether Notion is being used for creating websites, SEO optimisation should be at least available for sharing notes and tables online. If you drop your shared Notion url into HeyMeta you will notice the meta data, including the title, description and image all belong to Notion. Currently there isn't an option to edit the meta description. This can cause issues when sharing your url on social channels and also when Google indexes it on their search results.
However, all of the above limitations are a fair trade-off given the time it takes to create and publish something. We shouldn't forget that Notion wasn't envisaged to create fully functioning websites - currently it's an indirect benefit of the platform a few people are utilising.

Analytics, Hosting & Domains

Lastly, I’ve been asked a few times “how can you host it on your own domain and track analytics?” This leads me nicely to my next suggestion.

‍Super. I haven’t personally used it but from what I have seen other people do with it I’m really impressed. You can add custom domains, analytics, live chat, and custom fonts to your Notion pages for a monthly fee. If you fancy giving it a shot yourself, Fruition provides a free, open source toolkit which takes about 10 minutes to set up but has a slight technical curve.

So what's the advantages of using Notion?

  • It's super quick to use
  • It's free
  • It has a handy embed tool (think Google maps, TypeForm etc)
  • It takes just one click to publish and share
  • Great MVP option to test your copy and layout before creating something more polished
  • It's as easy to update and maintain as a word doc

Template Stack

  • Unsplash: Blog images
  • Embedded email capture form
  • Open Peeps: Illustrations
  • Figma: Graphic Editor
  • Notion VIP: Custom Icons

Notion Media

Lastly, I have made the template pack consisting of 5 pages+ a bonus curated list of 60+ of the best personal websites I found online. All for free.

Notion Medical School Template

Download Free Templates

Notion Medication