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A well-designed review process will resurface projects with different frequencies. You may have the project Manage Direct Reports which deserves a weekly review; however, My Bucket List might only require a semi-annual review. Notion is the perfect candidate for variable review frequencies, but it requires using Related Tables (an advanced topic taught in my Notion Course). Databases are nothing more than two (or more) spreadsheets strung together. And thanks to no-code apps like Notion, anyone can create a database without a lick of coding experience and create a CRM, personal wikis, productivity system or invoicing system. Find 61 ways to say NOTION, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Notion has too many tools that the simple of the act creating notes and documents feels a bit overwhelming. Slite has no such problems. It’s editing tools also feel familiar to the same tools that we have grown up using which makes it easier to write in this app.

Ensure that no notion windows/processes are running by ending all Notion processes in your task manager. CMD + ALT + ESC on mac and CTRL + SHIFT + ESC on windows/linux to open task manager.

Also found in: Thesaurus.
Noun1.preconceived notion - an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence; 'he did not even try to confirm his preconceptions'
parti pris, preconceived idea, preconceived opinion, preconception, prepossession
opinion, persuasion, sentiment, thought, view - a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty; 'my opinion differs from yours'; 'I am not of your persuasion'; 'what are your thoughts on Haiti?'
Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

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Link to this page: is a pretty awesome tool already, but there’s always room for might just be a preference, it might be something crucial to your setup,it might be something users have been asking for for a long time,or it might even be something you haven’t realised you need yet- there’s something that would make your user experience a lot better.

this package is a mod-loader for the desktop app, with custom colour theming and extra feature enhancements.

want to contribute? check out the contribution guidelines and the documentation.

for support, join the discord server.

supported desktop clients

  • the official windows/mac releases.
  • the arch linux AUR notion-app package.
  • the linux notion-app installer.
  • @haydn-jones’s fork of thelinux notion-deb-builder.

linux clients must use a notion version >= 2.0.8.

mobile clients are not supported and due to system limitations/restrictions cannot be.

a chrome extension may be coming soon for web client support.


if you are updating from v0.7.0 or earlier, things have changed, more information is availablein this update guide. please read that before following these instructions.

  • ensure that no notion windows/processes are running by ending all Notion processes in your task manager.
    • CMD + ALT + ESC on mac and CTRL + SHIFT + ESC on windows/linux to open task manager.
  • install node.js
    • you may need to restart your computer.
    • notion-enhancer will use node.js, you do not need to interact with it aside from downloading to install notion-enhancer.
  • open your computer’s terminal, not the node.js command prompt.
    • windows 10: search in your start menu (click windows key or icon in bottom left of screen) for ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’.
    • mac: search in spotlight (magnifying glass in top right of screen) for ‘terminal’.
  • type and enter the following line(s) based on your operating system, if there are multiple lines, make sure to enter them one by one .
    • windows 10:
    • mac: this may ask you to enter your password, instead of hiding your password with *** symbols, mac terminal hides it by making it invisible. simply type your password and click enter.
    • debian/ubuntu, chromeOS, wsl (to modify the win10 app):
    • arch linux, manjaro:
      • install the aur package with your aur helper (e.g. yay -S notion-enhancer).

command-line interface

the enhancements should be automatically applied on installationand automatically removed on uninstallation.

on some platforms this may throw errors if done withoutelevated/admin permissions, though, so if it hasn’t automaticallyinstalled you will still need to use these commands.


when will the update be out?i code this in my free time, in-between my other commitments. there are no ETAs.

the themes aren’t working?if you pick a dark theme it will only be applied if notion is in dark mode,and if you pick a light theme it will only work if notion is in light CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+L to toggle between them.

is this against notion’s terms of service? can i get in trouble for using it?definitely not! i contacted their support team to check, and the response was awesome:

“Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Userscripts and userstyles are definitelycool ideas and would be helpful for many users! … I’ll also share this with the rest of theteam to take to heart for future improvements.”

how do i uninstall the enhancer?run npm remove -g notion-enhancer.


most of the enhancer’s functionality is split into configurable enhancement modules,but some basic improvements necessary for things to work are built in by values:

No action band
  • the notion:// url scheme/protocol is patched to work on linux.
  • a tray/menubar icon: links relevant to the enhancer + buttons to manage notion windows.

once applied, modules can be configured via the graphical menu,which is opened from the tray/menubar icon or with OPTION/ALT+E.

currently all modules come pre-installed for technical reasons, security assurance, and ease-of-use.these include:

notion-enhancer core

tags: #core

description: the cli, modloader, menu, & tray.


optionextended descriptiontypevalues/defaultsplatform-specific details
auto-resolve theme conflictswhen a theme is enabled any other themes of the same mode (light/dark) will be disabled.toggleno
hide app on openapp can be made visible by clicking the tray icon or using the hotkey.toggleno
auto-maximise windowswhenever a window is un-hidden or is created it will be maximised.toggleno
close window to the traypressing the × close button will hide the app instead of quitting it. it can be re-shown by clicking the tray icon or using the hotkey.toggleyes
integrated titlebarreplace the native titlebar with buttons inset into the app.toggleyesmacOS: forced on
tiling window manager modecompletely remove the close/minimise/maximise buttons - this is for a special type of window manager. if you don’t understand it, don’t use it.togglenomacOS: forced off
window display hotkeyused to toggle hiding/showing all app windows.accelerator inputCommandOrControl+Shift+A
open enhancements menu hotkeyused to toggle opening/closing this menu while notion is focused.accelerator inputAlt+E
values/defaults page id/urlevery new tab/window that isn’t opening a url via the notion:// protocol will load this page. to get a page link from within the app, go to the triple-dot menu and click “copy link”. leave blank to just load the last page you opened.text inputAlt+E


tags: #core #extension

description: have multiple notion pages open in a single window.


tab select modifier (key+1, +2, +3, … +9 and key+left/right arrows)selectAlt, Command, Control, Super, Alt+Shift, Command+Shift, Control+Shift, Super+Shift
new tab keybindingaccelerator inputCommandOrControl+T
close tab keybindingaccelerator inputCommandOrControl+W


tags: #core #extension

description: common style/layout changes.


optionextended descriptiontypevalues/defaultsplatform-specific details
height of frameless dragareathe rectangle added at the top of a window in “integrated titlebar” mode, used to drag/move the window.number input15macOS: forced to 0
width to wrap columns atthe size in pixels below which in-page columns are resized to appear full width so content isn’t squished.number input600
integrated scrollbarsuse scrollbars that fit better into notion’s ui instead of the default chrome ones.toggleyes
snappy transitionstoggleno
thicker bold texttoggleyes
more readable line spacingtoggleno
hide help buttontoggleno

always on top

tags: #extension

description: add an arrow/button to show the notion windowon top of other windows even if it’s not focused.


bracketed links

tags: #extension

description: render links surrounded with [[brackets]] instead of underlined.


bypass preview

tags: #extension

description: go straight to the normal full view when opening a page.


calendar scroll

No notion of time

tags: #extension

description: add a button to scroll down to the current week in fullpage/infinite-scroll calendars.


cherry cola

tags: #theme #dark

No notion of time

description: a delightfully plummy, cherry cola flavored theme.


custom inserts

tags: #extension

description: link files for small client-side tweaks. (not sure how to do something? check out thetweaks collection.)


css insertfile
client-side js insertfile


tags: #theme #dark

description: a vivid-colour near-black theme.


primary colourcolorrgb(177, 24, 24)


tags: #theme #dark

description: a theme based on the popular dracula color palette originally by zeno rocha and friends.


emoji sets

tags: #extension

description: pick from a variety of emoji styles to use.


styleselecttwitter, apple, google, microsoft, samsung, whatsapp, facebook, joypixels, openmoji, emojidex, lg, htc, mozilla

focus mode

tags: #extension

description: hide the titlebar/menubar if the sidebar is closed (will be shown on hover).


optionextended descriptiontypevalues/defaults
add padding to bottom of the pagewill only take effect when the sidebar is hidden. aims to make the canvas as symmetrical/consistent as possible: if there is empty space on 3 sides, the 4th should follow.toggleon

font chooser

tags: #extension

description: customize fonts. for each option, type in the name ofthe font you would like to use, or leave it blank to not change anything.


sans-serif (inc. ui)text input
seriftext input
monospacetext input
codetext input


tags: #theme #dark

description: a purple, “gamer-styled” theme with a blocky-font.


littlepig dark

tags: #theme #dark

description: a purple monospaced theme using emojis and colourful text.


littlepig light

tags: #theme #light

description: a bright monospaced theme using emojis and colourful text.


material ocean

tags: #theme #dark

description: an oceanic colour palette.


No notion of time meaning


tags: #theme #dark

description: smoother colours and fonts, designed to be more pleasing to the eye.


night shift

No Notion Of Time

tags: #extension #theme

description: sync dark/light theme with the system (overrides normal theme setting).

I Have No Notion


pastel dark

tags: #theme #dark

description: a true dark theme with a hint of pastel.


property layout

tags: #extension

description: auto-collapse page properties that usually push down page content.



tags: #extension

description: enables auto rtl/ltr text direction detection.


scroll to top

tags: #extension

No Notion Of Time

description: add an arrow above the help button to scroll back to the top of a page.


smooth scrollingtoggleon
distance scrolled until button is shownnumber input50
unit to measure distance withselectpercent, pixels

weekly view

tags: #extension

description: calendar views named “weekly” will show only the 7 days of this week.


word counter

tags: #extension

No Notion Meaning

description: add page details: word/character/sentence/block count & speaking/reading times.



@TarasokUA wrote the first versions of this in python, in early 2020.a couple months after I (@dragonwocky) picked the project up, at first extendingupon the original base and later moving to the javascript module system.

the enhancer wouldn’t be anything near to what it is now though withoutinterested community members testing, coding and ideating features - some are listed ascontributors here on github,but many more have been helping out on discord and in emails.

No Notion Synonym

individual modules have their original authors attributed.

What Are Quilting No Notions

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