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We have been very pleased to see the response to the return of last names back in April of 2020. Much as we did with the original legacy surnames, we plan to continually update and change the last names that are available for selection. Now that Uplift is complete, we anticipate that the rotation of available options will happen more often.

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Deep in the bowels of the city, beneath the plundered Gates of Babylon, pulses a place of glamor, seduction, and sin. Encircled by catacombs, only those who know its secret can find their way through the labyrinth to New Babylon. Many may hear the faint music, the heady beat of drums, the faint aromas that betray its temptations. But few can find the way to its dissolute delights. (NGW) New Gate Workshop by xXnarayaXx. NGW Diane boots V1.0 (boxed) L$550. 5 stars Reviews (5) (NGW) New Gate Workshop by xXnarayaXx. NGW thalie boots. 0 stars Reviews (0). Second Life Develop; Destination Guide; Download Second Life; Follow Us Facebook Twitter.

Today some of the older last name options were removed and the following new ones were added:

We will continue to make additional updates to the available last name pool, so if these options aren’t for you, stay tuned for future updates.

For more information about the costs and how-tos involved in name changes, read the Changing your username FAQ.

.:: P J A 5 ::. Totally New Design .:: 2021 ::. BBX Yachts .:: HD Quality ::. New Bento Poses .::


What's new with PJ A5 ?

•Upgraded the quality of interior and exterior designs.
•Added new bento poses and updated all animations.
•Added new animation categories.
•The back deck can be opened! This makes it outstanding and the best.
•New engine sounds via by speed

-We upgraded quality. Chromes Water Taps, Leather Shiny Seats, Steering Wheel Seams, Media screens added to different areas, Master bedroom, Visitor Bedroom, Captain Bedroom, 2021 Cockpit , Realistic Glasses and Shiny Effects, Spotlights , GPS MAP, Nice Bathrooms, Cinema, Openable Back Deck + Unbelievable doors and more !
Also we added dances too !

:: Super Balanced Best Sim Crossings :: with 0,5 - 1,5 seconds !

Luxurious Lifestyle - New Engine 2021 Updated - New Poses + - Unique Model - Tons of NEW FEATURES !
TESTED BLAKE SEA and ALL SIMS PASSED! ( More Than 100 sims+ )
40 m Luxury Drivable Party Yacht !

215 Prim Li - 40 Meters - Drivable - HD Quality - Low Prim Beautiful New Billionaires Yacht with 6 Sitters.

2021 New Technologies included with this model !

New Second Life Game

1- 6 sitters possible when driving. New Animation System for COUPLES ! YOU DONT NEED STAND UP WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING !
2- Newest Driving Methods like Cruise Mode ! - Auto or Manual Gears !
3- NEW Adjustable rocking system. SETUP --> Rocking --> 25% between 225% .. You can ON-OFF Rocking too !
4- This yacht MOD and COPY. You can customize boat :)
5- You can change Yacht name/textures and more ! ( Upload your textures --> Right Click and Edit Texture )
6- Adjust your couple animations with avsitter system. 6 Avatars on boat same time . Can be more !!!
7- NEW ACCESS System --- Driving, Sitting and Doors. OWNER-GROUP-PUBLIC-List Names ( with setup menu )
8- Put on sea , drive and use directly ! (NO ATTACHEMENTS)
9- We upgraded quality , now so realistic !
10- GPS at cockpit screen , also added internet screen too. ( You can slide screen with touch )
11- AutoPark , AutoGear, AutoStart, FuelSaver, Compass, Dashboard on Off and more
12- You can on/off nearby chat informations with SETUP menu.
13- Sim to Sim Crossing Informations. ( Sim crossings are so nice and never crashed with tests. )
14- Anywhere drive on off ( you can drive boat at bed, sunlounge or anywhere. also you can close this feature )
15- You can set mooring and will be autopark when you click moor now button at same sim. ( SET MOOR and MOOR NOW )
16- You can change CAMERA VIEW (with left arrow plus any shift key). Lot of new cameras added.

New engine created & updated by Chorazin Allen. Thank you. BBX Team. 2021

• Realistic and elegant new style sport & luxury power yacht ! ---> ' PJ A5 '

• New Animations Included, forget all pose balls! This yacht have avsitter pose system.
You can change poses when you are on water. You don't need stand up when change poses.
6 avatars can sit same time. You can swap between poses. Added new DANCE POSES and WATER EFFECTS too .
Sitter 1-2 , 3-4 , 5-6 will be couple.
• Captain & First Passanger (sitter1-2) can use master bedroom, sitter 3 and 4 can use front bedroom.
• So, for front bedroom you can swap poses and be sitter 3 and 4 first. And use Z Bedroom Poses.
• ACCESS - You can do it with SETUP menu. ( OWNER-GROUP-PUBLIC-List Names )
For List Names Access : ** Right Click-->Edit--> Content --> Access Notecard Change **
And Click to Setup Menu, Go to Driving , Sitting and Doors --> Choose List Names.

New Life Second Chance Outreach

• Realistic Waves & New Motor Sounds !

Linden Labs Sold Second Life

• No Lag @sim crossings. We tested more than 100 sims at blake sea and never crashed yet.


• You can change boat settings. ( Root Prim BoatSettings Notecard )

• GPS and INTERNET Screen at Cockpit. Living Room and Bedroom included own screens. Sliding Screens For Internet.

DRIVING SYSTEM - How Can I drive This Yacht - ? -

• First sitter will be CAPTAIN ( later can be swap with other passangers )
• Click on boat , get ENGINE menu. START ENGINE.
• Have fun :)

• We added TONS OF features on this boat. TOTALY NEW engine, Second Life's best yacht engine ever.

• High Detailed Parts, Textures & Realistic Shadows

• Realistic Poses 6 avatars can sit @same time ! You can change too.

• Have Realistic Seats + Cockpit + Lounge Anims

• Permission: Copy - Modify - No Transfer

• Prims: 215 (Land Impact)
• Sizes: 40x10 m

= Full Furnished Luxury Power Yacht =

New second life features

New Second Life Homes

Special Edition for New Quality Engine.

SCRIPT CREATED BY : Chorazin Allen ( Professor )

IM or NOTECARD please : Aymec Millet
Feel Free for ask to US:)
Best Regards

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