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Learn how to use Mylio to manage your photos so you can quickly find them on any device, anytime.This video will walk you through getting started with Mylio. Learn all about Mylio, new features, and tutorials to make yourself a Mylio Pro. Mylio is an application that intelligently gathers and manages all of your photos with an intuitive interface. Mylio will send you an email reminder 30 days before your Create plan ends, 2 days before your Create plan ends, and on the day your Create plan ends. Create plan ends, you have three options: Upgrade to Premium, and get 20% off your next Mylio payment. If you get Premium for a year, you get 20% off your first yearly payment of $99.

It’s the 21st century, and we all have the power to produce. We take pictures on our phones, shoot videos with our GoPros, jot drafts on our tablets, write code on our laptops… We have so many tools to create, but with that comes a problem: our projects are scattered across multiple devices, drives, file systems, and websites.

Let me introduce you to Mylio, the answer toyour organizational needs. Mylio is changing the way the world remembers bybringing together all your files into one convenient library so you can findeverything, anytime, anywhere.

What Exactly is Mylio?

Mylio is powerful software that helps you at every stage of the photo management process. It works on any device so you can see, edit, and share your photos whenever you want. It also makes it easy to find photos fast by organizing your digital clutter in helpful ways. You can find pictures by searching in calendar view, map view, people view, or by keyword. And best of all, Mylio is free!

How Does It Work?

Mylio was created with the goal of makingphotography enjoyable and efficient. It does this with a powerful app thatmakes viewing your photos easy and intuitive. First Mylio syncs across all yourdevices, so you can find any photo from any device. It imports those photos(and thankfully the preexisting file structures!) from all those scatteredlocations and brings them together in a single, easy-to-navigate interface. Thephoto library software also has editing tools for touching up yourphotos. Then Mylio allows you to share those photos by sending them as emailsor posting them to social media. And that’s just an overview! Mylio has awealth of photo management features that let you do things your way; you maynot need them all, but whatever you’re looking for, Mylio has tools that willmake any photographer’s life easier.

For Beginners

If you’re a casual photographer, you may stillbe looking for a photo management system. Well look no further! Mylio’ssoftware organizes your photos for you, helping you store, protect, and findall the photos in your library. You can make basic edits right there in the app,so you don’t have to buy a separate photo editor. Mylio also makes it easy totag your photos; after you’ve tagged a person once, Mylio’s facial recognitionautomatically tags them in all future photos! You can also add flags, tags,keywords, and stars to personalize your photos and make them even easier tosearch.

For the Pros

For more seasoned photographers, Mylio offers arange of advanced features to improve your workflow. As mentioned, Mylioseamlessly integrates with the system you’re already using, importing not onlyyour photos but also your file structure and tags to save you valuable time.Once imported, Mylio consolidates and protects all your photos in one libraryso you can manage your work efficiently. That library is available to you even withoutthe internet, which is ideal for getting work done on the road, in the field,or on assignment. For example, you can rate, tag, and edit photos in a cab oron a plane, and once you’re back online, those changes will sync across allyour devices. This means you can get work done anywhere!

As far as the specific editing tools, Mylio gives you everything you’d hope for from an intermediate photo editor. There’s the standard cropping, rotating, red eye removal, 14 filters/presets, a before and after button, face recognition, histogram & sliders, clipping, editing with brushes, noise reduction, non-destructive editing, batch editing, metadata editing, and the ability to export with a watermark. Since all of these tools work on any device, Mylio gives you the freedom to get work done anytime, anywhere.

What Makes Mylio Unique?

Mylio boasts a few key features that set itapart from the rest:

  • Life Calendar

Mylio’s Life Calendar is a gift. Not only does it make finding your photos easy, it also surfaces your most popular photos for easy viewing. Mylio helps automatically organize your library by syncing with your digital calendars and displaying your media in a beautiful Life Calendar, viewable by decades, years, months, and days. Connect your Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar, and Mylio automatically groups your photos and videos into events. Click an event title, and re-experience the joy of those photo memories.

  • True Security
How to use mylio

In our increasingly connected digital age, Mylio understands the importance of securing your photos. The first layer of protection is that your photos are synced across multiple devices, so even if one device breaks down, goes missing, or is destroyed in a natural disaster, you still have access to your entire photo library on another device. Mylio also allows you to set up a Vault, which is a secure device (desktop, laptop, or hard drive) that stores all your originals. You can also choose to sync your photos to a cloud service; if you decide to do that, Mylio automatically encrypts your photos so the cloud service won’t be able to see your personal information.

  • Everything, Anytime, Anywhere

The freedom that Mylio gives you cannot be overstated. It makes all your photos available to you on any device, which is such a timesaver in the 21st century. With all your photos at your fingertips all the time, you can get so much done in so many different settings.

Want to edit your photos at the doctor’s office? Mylio lets you.

Want to show off your photos in a taxi? Mylio lets you.

Want to tag your photos on your commute? Mylio lets you.

Mylio Tutorial

  • Memories That Endure

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers. With Mylio, it’s easier than ever to find beloved photos, whether you took them a month, a year, or a decade ago. Mylio’s Life Calendar brings treasured photos to your attention by surfacing them in Calendar View. In People View, you can choose a person’s name and instantly see all the photos that person appears in. In Map View, you can see your photos on an elegant world map and zoom in to see the pictures you took in each location. All this in combination with flags, tags, keywords, and stars make finding your favorite photo memories simple and fun.

Mylio Plans

It is free to use for up to 25,000 photos and 3 devices. On top of the free version, there is also Mylio Premium and Mylio Max, which are advanced subscriptions that offer even more tools and features. The free version is a good option if you want to give this application a try and see how it works. Then there is the Premium that has RAW image editing, can save 100,000 pictures, and syncs up to 5 devices. The ultimate is Mylio Max, where you get unlimited image storage, unlimited device sync, and RAW image editing in the photo library software, which is perfect for professional photographers.

Final Conclusion

In short, Mylio has a lot of useful features that make it the best photo organizer of 2019. It’s flexible,powerful, and as one user rightly put it, It is the magic that binds a photographer’s workflow together. It helps at every stage of the photo management process from organization, to editing, to saving, and it’s especially useful for people who want to get things done efficiently. When you’re ready to give it a test run, it’s freely available at

Welcome to Mylio, the home for your photos, videos, and documents. This guide will help you set up Mylio, add files, and protect them.

Download and Sign In on a Computer

We recommend starting on a computer, to do this visit to download Mylio. Open the installer. Sign in with an email and password, then verify your email. Alternatively, you can sign in with a preferred third-party on the left.

Add Files using the Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard helps you add files to Mylio. Click “Add Files”, then choose one of the four options to where your photos are currently stored that you want added to Mylio. Most new users start with “This device”. When you select this option, Mylio checks your computer’s drive for photos. It shows you the folders that have photos and lets you choose which ones you want to consolidate in your Mylio library. This process will not move the photos from their existing locations nor will it duplicate them; it simply presents them in one convenient, unified library. Click the circular ( BEGIN ) button to get started.

*Click here for a more detailed walkthrough of the Setup Wizard.

Mylio Tutorial

Take the Welcome Tour

At the end of the Setup Wizard, select the option to “Take the tour”. If you already finished the Setup Wizard, you can relaunch the tour by going to the Dashboard, selecting “Getting started”, and then selecting “Take the tour”. After taking the tour, following the other recommended actions are a great way to continue learning more about Mylio and setting up your library.

Add a Vault

Protecting your memories is an integral part of Mylio. To protect your files, your Originals need to be stored on at least one device. This device should have a significant amount of storage space. External drives, NAS devices, and online services like Amazon, OneDrive, or Google Drive make good protection devices.

You can add a Vault through the Setup wizard or you can open the Mylio Dashboard and select the “+Add” button from the Actions or Devices sections.

How To Use Mylio

Sign In to Mylio on Your Mobile Device

Mylio is engineered to connect multiple devices. When you add Mylio on your phone and tablet, you’ll be able to manage your library conveniently from those devices. The photos you take on those devices can also be automatically added to Mylio.

To get Mylio on your mobile device, download Mylio from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign in with the same email and password (or third-party method) you used on your computer and follow the prompts of the setup wizard. Mylio will sync optimized versions of your files on mobile so you don’t run out of space.