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BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mylio, the powerful app that automatically organizes your photos, providing complete access to your growing photo legacy, today announced a new, consolidated pricing plan—just in time for the holidays. Now Mylio offers two simple choices: Mylio Free offers up to 25,000 photos, three devices, and image editing, and Mylio Premium now includes unlimited photo storage, unlimited devices, and RAW image editing for $9.99 per month ($99.00 per year). This is a savings of $150.00 over previous pricing plans with significantly more flexibility to address today’s growing photo enthusiast market.

In this video, I talk about my initial setup of Mylio and how I am using it as 1 part of my drop #Adobe master plan. For more information about my switch vis. Mylio will not be in most cases ubiquitous as Google Photos, Flickr or iCloud, since offsite sync will only be available if you own one of the paid schemes, and the devices which are in possession of the original data are actually turned on and connected. Think as having your own Cloud storage at home. Some may like it, some may not.

Mylio Review 2019

Mylio Review 2019 Youtube

InfoTrends data shows a continuing year-over-year boom in photography. In 2020, more than 1.44 trillion digital photos will be taken, and 7.38 trillion digital photos will be stored. What isn’t tracked is the frustration of trying to find that special photo buried in the growing glut of unorganized photos—even with photo apps preloaded on today’s smartphones.

According to Mylio CEO David Vaskevitch, “The holidays are a time when we take photos that we want to re-experience again and again. The problem is our photos get scattered across multiple devices, websites, cameras, hard drives, shoe boxes, and more. Mylio Premium provides the easiest way to re-experience every photo forever.” Vaskevitch added, “For those who want a risk-free way to experience Mylio, the Free plan is a great way to get started.”


Mylio is the perfect companion gift for anyone purchasing a new computer, camera or smartphone. It provides complete control and organization of pictures in a single library so you can easily find, edit, and share. With Mylio, you can:

Mylio will send you an email reminder 30 days before your Create plan ends, 2 days before your Create plan ends, and on the day your Create plan ends. Create plan ends, you have three options: Upgrade to Premium, and get 20% off your next Mylio payment. If you get Premium for a year, you get 20% off your first yearly payment of $99. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seagate Ultra Touch HDD 2TB External Hard Drive – Black USB-C USB 3.0, 1yr Mylio Create, 4 month Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and Rescue Services (STHH2000400) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

  • Sync Across Devices: Complete photo library access from any device, even offline. Any offline changes automatically sync once devices see each other again.
  • Keep Your Privacy & Stay Protected: Mylio does not require a cloud or Internet. Your devices store your photos.
  • Keep Your Folders: Any folders you made keep the same structure, names, and content and stay synced across devices.
  • Find Photos Fast: No more endless scrolling. Mylio brings photos together to easily find, view, and share.
  • Save Storage Space: Sync thousands of files to your devices using a fraction of the space.
  • Organize with Face Recognition: Tag thousands of pictures in minutes so you can organize and rediscover memories.
  • Edit on the Move: Use Mylio to edit photos even without the internet.

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Mylio Review 2019 Review

Mylio Review 2019

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Mylio is a photo management app that automatically puts all your photos at your fingertips and lets you manage them in a single digital library. The library is synced across multiple devices so you can organize, edit, and share from any device, with the peace of mind that your photos are always with you and protected. Mylio is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, making it easy to curate the visual story of your life. Mylio is a free service and offers a Premium service for photography enthusiasts.