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  • Mylio also allows you to import images from your existing photo and editing management software such as Lightroom and iPhoto Library. Organization: Mylio gives you the power to create multiple albums to import into and organize your photos and view those albums on all your devices.
  • Mylio helps with every stage of the photo management workflow. Check out the articles below to discover how to get it all done. Streamline your photo workflow. Discover how to consolidate photos from all your sources, control your folder structure and metadata, and protect your originals.

Mylio includes an advanced set of editing tools to fully edit your photo. However, in some instances, you may want to use another photo editing application that you currently have installed. Luckily, Mylio makes it easy to open up an image in any application that has identified itself as able to open the file.

Mylio is the ultimate photo organizer, beautifully displaying your existing folders. Mylio also protects your original files by making sure that you have more than one copy of your original files. The easiest way to protect your entire library is by adding a dedicated Protection Drive (aka Vault Drive) to your Mylio.

Warning: every selected photo will open in the chosen application. Be aware of how many photos you are asking Mylio to open at once. Using the following steps with more than a few photos at one time is not recommended.
  1. Select your desired photo(s) in grid view, or double-click a photo to open it in full screen.
  2. Select the Photo menu at the top of the screen or Mylio application.
  3. Navigate to’Open With…
  4. Mylio will display a menu that includes applications capable of opening the selected file(s). By selecting an application, the original photo(s) will be opened directly in that app.
  5. Make any desired edits using the selected Application and save your photo.
    Note:this will overwriteyour original image and replace it with the edited version. Alternatively, you can use the application’s Save As… option to create a new version and save it next to the original copy. Mylio will see the new version and add it to your library automatically.

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