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Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drive 18-inch (45.72cm) USB 3.0 cable Quick start guide Downlodable Toolkit Backup Software 1-year Mylio Create plan 2-month membership Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Shop for Seagate External Hard Drives in External Hard Drives. Buy products such as Seagate 2TB Photo Drive with Mylio Create Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (White) at Walmart and save. Jan 14, 2019 The free 1-year Mylio Create Plan is a $50 value and includes automatic multi-device syncing for up to 50,000 photos, premium editing features, and cloud-free backup storage.

Mylio Create Seagate

Mylio can set up a Vault for backing up your files and library details. Original files are backed up automatically, preventing the loss that often comes when one of our devices or drives is damaged, lost or stolen. Use external drives, desktop computers or even cloud services like Amazon or Google Drive as a Vault to protect your files. Want more redundancy? Set up multiple Vaults and Mylio will keep them all synchronized and your files protected – even across multiple remote locations.

Seagate Backup Plus drives (available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB sizes) are ideal drives to use as Vaults with Mylio. Even better, these drives come with a free year of subscription to Mylio Create, offering a larger library size and more devices than the standard free version of Mylio. If you have purchased one of these drives and are looking to use Mylio for the first time, please look for and launch the “Start_Here” file that is pre-loaded on your Seagate Backup Plus drive.

Not seeing the Mylio offer? If the drive is not one of the models listed here on Seagate’s website, then it may not be eligible for a free year of Mylio Create.

Already a Mylio member? Follow the prompts of the “Start_Here” file and you will be prompted to sign in to your Mylio account after registering the drive with Seagate. Our support team will take it from there to assist you further.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Seagate drive that is not related to Mylio please contact Seagate Support.


BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mylio, creator of the simple way to automatically organize, edit, store and sync your life photos across devices, today announced a premium plan will be available for free download, for a limited time, with purchase of select new Seagate Backup Plus devices. The free 1-year Mylio Create Plan is a $50 value and includes automatic multi-device syncing for up to 50,000 photos, premium editing features, and cloud-free backup storage. This offer is available with Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch, Backup Plus Slim, and Backup Plus Portable drives. The offer is available initially in the United States, Canada, and Mexico1.

With the Mylio Create plan, all original photos are automatically moved to the Seagate drive and the Mylio app makes the optimized images accessible on your phone, tablet, computer or other devices. The Mylio and Seagate solution represents a simple, powerful and safe way to finally organize, edit, sync and store our vast and growing collection of life in photos.


“We are thrilled to add the 1-year Mylio Create subscription for Seagate customers who purchase new Backup Plus drives because protecting data, especially lifetime memories, is so important,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice president of marketing for Seagate. “Mylio offers Seagate customers significant value with an easy and convenient way to organize, edit and sync photos across devices.”

Mylio CEO David Vaskevitch stated, “The partnership with Seagate is a win-win for consumers who are actively taking steps to protect their data but struggle with finding a fast, simple and easy way to organize, sync and store their growing collections of photo memories. We’re thrilled to introduce the Mylio experience to more consumers who are tired and frustrated with the limitations of other photo management solutions.

MylioMylio Create Seagate

More and more people are drowning in their vast collections of photographs. Yet, these photographs represent memories which become only more valuable as time passes. Mylio coupled with a Seagate drive provides a complete solution to that problem and more. The easy-to-use Mylio app helps organize photo memories – work and personal – across devices like your phone, tablet and computer, without using up device storage. With Mylio, every picture is organized, easy-to-find and always with you.

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The Mylio app, available for iOS, Android, Window and MacOS provides an easy way to organize, edit, protect, store and sync your lifetime of photos across devices, without the internet. The Mylio life calendar tags and organizes photos so nothing is lost, and everything is accessible. As new photos are added, the smart Mylio app uses Wi-Fi to automatically connect and privately sync photos across devices using a peer-to-peer network—no internet needed. Your photos are always with you and accessible anytime on every device without using up device storage. If cloud storage is preferred, Mylio can automatically keep a copy of your pictures in the cloud; for the first time it’s your choice. Mylio is a free service and offers a premium and max service for photography enthusiasts. Learn more.

Mylio Create Seagate Cloud

1. The Mylio 1-year Create Plan subscription Seagate offer to become available in other regions soon