My Top 10 Spotify

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My Top 10 Spotify

Here’s a quick check on 80s tunes and especially 80s British synthpop bands currently represented on Spotify:


My Top 10 Spotify

  • Depeche Mode (11 albums, about 30 CD singles, live albums, best-ofs, compilations)
  • Yello (10 albums, 2 compilations)
  • OMD (10 albums, 4 compilations including the excellent Peel Sessions 1979-1983)
  • Ultravox (8 albums, 7 compilations including Rare volumes 1 & 2)
  • Human League (9 albums (including the Fascination EP and the recently released remaster of The Golden Hour of the Future), 5 compilations)
  • New Order (7 albums, 5 compilations, 6 CD singles)
  • Soft Cell (6 albums, 3 compilations)
  • Fad Gadget (4 albums, 2 compilations, and the entire Mute Audio Documents series)
  • Yazoo (everything they ever released. Yep, double-checked: everything. Unfortunatley that isn’t very much)
  • The Associates (2 albums, 1 compilation)

As for current music, well it’s not so good for me: out my Top 20 Albums of 2008, Spotify only has a measly two of them (The Presets and Zeigeist).

My Top 10 Spotify Artist

My Top Spotify Artists list on Tinder right now is a horrible representation of my taste, so I did a little research to find out why. Found a lot of threads insinuating that Tinder and Spotify display certain artists over others for profit, so figured I would share my findings in case anyone else was wondering. For Spotify, you can use My Top for Spotify website. Login to the website with your Spotify account, and you’ll be able to see your top artists and top songs. My top for Spotify site. Whether you love running with inspiring music? Here's the top 10 Spotify running playlists to keep you going mile after mile in the gym or on the hiking trail.