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When you mail that mortgage protection letter you got in the mail back to the sender, your personal information will be sold to insurance agentsover and over and over. You can expect to get phone calls for up to 2 years after sending in a mortgage protection letter. Larry was originally licensed as a Florida mortgage broker in 1986. Since that time he has worked as a mortgage broker, bank loan officer, owner of a correspondent lending company, wholesale mortgage lender Account Executive, net branch manager and now originates loans with Angel Baez at Mortgage Direct.


Sep 18, 2020 Quicken Loans is a mortgage originator. That means that Quicken Loans, like the majority of today’s mortgage lenders, make the loan upfront when you close your mortgage and then the loan is made available on the open bond market through one of the major mortgage investors (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, etc.).

While often overlooked, mortgage protection insurance is an area of life insurance can be in high demand. Lead Concepts can provide you with mortgage protection insurance leads that can help grow your clientele and expand your reach.

Mortgage protection is a very specific situation for someone to find themselves in. The person in the market for mortgage protection insurance doesn’t make this purchase often and won’t rush into a commitment. Lead Concepts can help you reach these mortgage protection insurance leads, providing them with the information they need and the assurance in your products that they will reach out to you rather than others.


Direct mail is, by far, the best way to reach potential mortgage protection leads. We have found that this is a professional marketing avenue that new home owners are very receptive to. That being said, there are still many issues when it comes to reaching mortgage protection insurance leads via direct mail.

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A leading cause of no response when dealing with mortgage protection is the sheer volume of mail that new homeowners receive. That’s why Lead Concepts is proud of our ability to be first to the door and first to get returns.

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

Lead Concepts prides itself on its heavily researched leads that we currently provide. Because of our lead research efforts, we can promptly notify new homeowners — before competitors or other mailers.

Our same-day turnaround and up-to-date lists make sure that your mailer is received before others, leading to higher rates of closing than other lead companies.

My team and I have been very satisfied clients of Lead Concepts for many years. Service is top-notch, and lead quality is great, too. I’ve dealt with many lead vendors over the years, and Lead Concepts is the best at producing high-quality direct mail leads for final expense agents.

Lead Concepts services are outstanding! Our agents rely on them regularly throughout the year to help generate leads to grow their businesses. They are professional, helpful, reliable and great people with whom to work. We strongly encourage any agents or agencies who are looking for a great lead company to utilize them. Special shout out to Michael Pineda who is top notch!

-Brightstar Agents

A lot of people have asked me if I endorse Lead Concepts. My answer is, hell yes I endorse Lead Concepts!!! You should all give all your money to Lead Concepts. Your business will grow!

–Christian Brindle

“Personalized service and guaranteed results that they put in writing taking the guess work/mystery out of ordering leads, budgeting and direct mail marketing. Life savers who make it easy and treat you like family.”

-Heather Majka

The staff at Lead Concepts are friendly, professional, and patient! They answered all our questions and helped us make the best decisions about our mailers. We look forward to continuing our partnership!

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-Lauren Gill

“You guys are awesome & always super responsive! We enjoy working with your company!”

-Kortney Vibelius

Mortgage Operations Mail Stop 5107a

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