Monitor Cpu And Gpu Temp While Gaming

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Hey guys,
I'm finally set up on my new laptop, and in order to monitor thermals on it, I've been using MSI afterburner and Riva Tuner Statistics Server to display the relevant stats in game.
However, for some reason after the other night, just having afterburner installed causes my cpu to idle 10 degrees higher than without. This is not acceptable as far as I'm concerned.
Does anyone know of any other thermal monitoring option that doesn't require a ton of resources and overload the cpu at idle?
MSI didn't do this before the other night (but nothing changed other than a windows update) but now I can't get it to handle being installed and having proper idle.
Any help is appreciated.
CpuCpu temperature monitor while gaming

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Monitor Cpu And Gpu Temp While GamingWayCpu

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Is there something like afterburner that will display my CPU temp / GPU temp on the OSD while gaming? Can’t get afterburner to show anything but my GPU temp Jul 15, 2019. These GPU monitor software give information about Graphics card’s brand, BIOS version, GPU temperature, GPU fan speed (which lets you know whether the fan is working properly), Driver Version, GPU clock, etc. One of these graphics card performance monitor software helps you monitor the performance of graphics card during gaming mode.