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MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files. MediaInfo is our flagship product with 4 000 downloads per day, we also currently work on MediaConch, and we worked in the past on QCTools, BWF MetaEdit and some other projects. Each member of the team is unique and commits code under their own name. Their work is visible via their respective accounts listed below.

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37,933 downloadsUpdated: March 26, 2021Donationware

Display information about media files, and export them into various formats for safe keeping and storing for rainy days when you'll need to know screen resolution, codecs and many other such details

What's new in Portable MediaInfo 21.03:

  • WAV: ADM profile detection of Dolby Atmos Master or MPEG-H
  • SMPTE ST 337: support of AC-4
  • AC-3/AC-4: show top layer channels after Lw/Rw, as it becomes the defacto standard layout
  • Dolby Surround EX and Pro Logic IIz detection
Read the full changelog

Portable MediaInfo is, like the name suggests, a portable counterpart for the MediaInfo app, a program designed to extract and show various details about a media product, video, or otherwise. If you need to know the format, size, duration, codecs needed, and so on, this application is where you should stop, especially if you're dealing with various machines and you'd like to have all the benefits of the original, installed version, without actually having to initiate installation on each and every PC you use it with.


Simple interface, tool-like

The program, especially taking in consideration the fact that it's more of a utensil rather than a flashy, fun-to-play-with app, doesn't have the most beautiful of interfaces. On the contrary, it's bland and it's boring. Regardless, this isn't the reason you employed the help of this app in the first place.

In order to make use of its abilities, you'll have to browse directories and find the files you want information from. Once loaded, the app will begin to show various bits and pieces, grouped accordingly. The general information section will include stuff like the codec used and the encoding time and date. It will also point to the number of video and audio streams it contains.

More advanced for connoisseurs

If you're a pro at this sort of thing, then you'll be happy to know that the app information reading doesn't stop there. It will display even more specific information, things like aspect ratio, video resolution, and frame speed. Audio stream information is also more specific and includes the number of channels and stream quality. The best part is you can export all this information, say, if this is part of your job duties, to various formats, including .CSV, .TXT, .JSON, .XML, and so on.

Portable MediaInfo is the carry-on cousin of MediaInfo, an application that whilst being very simplistic managed to fulfill its claimed duties and be a handy aid for those individuals who require or desire to find specific information about any media product out there.

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Portable MediaInfo was reviewed by Tudor Sprinceana

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Portable MediaInfo 21.03

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This is the portable version of the application. An installable version is also available: MediaInfo
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