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“Installation token not found” with the number MBAM404101 is a possible. Como baixar e ativar o Malwarebytes Premium 2020 - YouTube 14 Jan 2020. Spyware describes software with malicious behavior that aims to gather information about a person or organization and send such information to another entity in a way that harms the user; for example by violating their privacy or endangering their device's security.

If you are trying to log-in to the site and enter your username and password into the login area, then press the Log in button and the entire screen turns white with a single sentence indicating that there was an error (and the error mentions 'invalid token' in the text), it means that there was a slight 'hiccup' in your computer connecting with our web site. This is usually resolved with a very quick process.

Just follow these steps ...

  1. Starting from the 'white screen' (with the 'invalid token' notice)...
  2. Use your mouse to left-click ONCE in the address-bar of your browser TO THE RIGHT OF THE WEB ADDRESS displayed
  3. Press the RETURN or ENTER key on your keyboard

This should resolve the issue and you should now be logged in to the site.

If you are still getting the error (or you are still not logged in) try these additional steps

  1. On the same page ...
  2. Force a refresh in your browser - you can do this using one of the following combinations of keys on your keyboard
    • Windows - ctrl + F5
    • Mac/Apple - Apple + R or command + R
    • Linux - F5

That should completely refresh your connection to our site and allow you to access the site.

NOTE: If the site still shows you are NOT logged in, please re-try the standard log-in process one more time.

If you have followed all these steps and you are still not able to log-in, please try to confirm your username (see the instructions for how to retrieve your username) or reset your password (see instructions on how to reset your password).

If you have tried each of these options and still can't log-in, please use the button (Report Login Problems) on the login page to have one of our staff members assist you. NOTE: Our staff members are only available during normal business hours, Pacific Time.

Got a minute ... get your issue resolved faster

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words ... well that's even more true when trying to help someone with a computer problem.

If you can send us a picture (screenshot) of your web browser showing the screen with the problem it can often allow us to more quickly identify the problem and provide you with a fast solution. And if you can record a video of your screen showing the steps that you took leading up to the problem we can solve it even faster.

Mbam404101 installation_token not found

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If you have any type of screen-capture system on your computer feel free to use that and send us a link to the image/video.

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If you don't have a screen-capture system we recommend using Jing from TechSmith. It's free and allows you to take a snapshot or record a short (under 5 min) video of your screen/process. They even give you a free area to store (and share) a few snapshots or videos. It's a perfect solution for providing us with the informatioin we need to help you get your issue resolved quickly.

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If you create a screenshot or video just post a link to the TechSmith online location for the picture/video - or you can share it with us via Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Just post the link in the problem report form.